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we start on November 2nd. From Centocelle to the Storta, the map

we start on November 2nd. From Centocelle to the Storta, the map
we start on November 2nd. From Centocelle to the Storta, the map

At the Capitol they await the resignation of Stefano Zaghis from the leadership of But. Twenty-four hours later, on the 2nd, you want to start the decorum operation. That is, the extraordinary cleansing of Rome promised by Roberto Gualtieri during the election campaign by Christmas and the first real act of his mandate. A complex operation, which must range from waste collection and emptying of bins, pruning of trees, weeding of sidewalks, washing of the streets up to the reclamation of too many mini-landfills discovered in the suburbs. And there is already a broad agenda on the priorities where to intervene. Starting from the reports of the presidents of the Municipalities, among the first streets to be cleaned up there would be Piazza Zambeccari in Torpignattara, Via Alvari in Tor Sapienza not far from the headquarters of the Police Headquarters, various pieces of the Muratella, Via Casalattico in Grottarossa, via Gallina in La Storta, via delle Tuberose in Centocelle. With regard to illegal mini-landfills to be cleaned, look at those discovered in via di Malnome, via del Flauto (al Collatino), near the Anagnina Metro station, viale del Tecnopolo (between Settecamini and Case rossa) and on Laurentina. The first pruning could concern the areas of Caracalla, Piazza Mazzini, San Saba, Acilia and the area around Viale Trieste. But the list could be updated in the course of construction. The decorum operation was outlined in outline.

Rome, garbage collectors steal petrol from Ama: cans taken away by car and sold in black

La task force

On 2 November a task force will be set up in the Campidoglio under the aegis of the mayor’s cabinet: for the technical part it should be coordinated by Maurizio Pucci, historical manager of Ama and one of the top consultants of Gualtieri in this field. All the municipal departments concerned (Environment, Waste, Public Works, Participatory and Urban Planning), Ama, representatives of the local police and external companies involved in the waste cycle and mowing and pruning will also sit at the table. The resources needed to start have also been identified, with an additional allocation of between 8 and 10 million euros: money necessary to pay overtime to the workers of But (with this in mind there will be a meeting with the mayors by tomorrow), to recognize the subsidiary payment for services not provided for in the service contract and, finally, to rent new vehicles from private individuals, who already have contracts in place with the Capitoline administration.

Just from Palazzo Senatorio they explain that there will be two levers to speed up the operation: in the first place, create a network of subjects, also connecting the various municipal structures, which in recent years have moved too independently; therefore investing more resources, also to recognize them to companies that have already been entrusted with the work (for example, those that have won the horizontal green and vertical green contracts). The same ones that until now they would have seen only the crumbs.


Ama’s workers will be asked to make an extra effort as regards the collection of the waste, washing and sweeping of the streets. As regards the remediation of the mini-landfills, the company will be able to operate directly in those present in public spaces, but will have to entrust those in private areas to individuals, only to retaliate against their owners. From the municipal company they would have reassured that sufficient means are available for cleaning: the small trucks recently bought by Ama will be used more and that in some cases are still waiting for testing, while 6 pm sweepers working today they could rise to 50, recovering and putting back in order a part of those still in the workshops for maintenance. The bulk of the cleaning activities will take place at night, with this in mind the brigade command will be asked to fine and remove private cars parked in front of bins with tow trucks. It is hypothesized that the Do not stop on cleaning days. While waiting for the contract for weeding to be awarded, the cleaning of weeds on the sidewalks will be entrusted to the companies that have won the tender for horizontal greenery, that is, that must take care of the flower beds. Pruning will also start in November, while Simu will be responsible for cleaning the drains. On the Ama front, news leaks from the Capitol that the resignation of the sole director Zaghis has been solicited: they are expected for Monday. For his part, Zaghis continues in his work: he looks to the Tmb of Guidonia and last Monday he wrote to his owner, Manlio Cerroni, to “express the interest of Ama SpA in evaluating, after careful due diligence, the rent of the plant in object to better manage waste collection flows ».


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