days numbered for the majority – Time

days numbered for the majority – Time
days numbered for the majority – Time

“The well-informed argue that Mario Draghi is about to lose his patience, there is a lot of interference from the parties in the government’s activity, which in fact is slowing down its propulsive action on some of the most delicate and important economic dossiers”. Thus begins the analysis of Alessandro Sallusti, director of Libero, regarding the rumors that have gone mad in recent days about the discontent of the Prime Minister. The journalist makes a dry forecast on what the future will be: “Draghi has not exhausted his enormous influence and for the moment the situation remains under his control. But in the long run, things could change as it is in the fate of governments born outside the polls on an emergency that is usually economic and in this case also health. The watershed will be in January, which is tomorrow in politics, when it will be known whether the conditions will be met to elect Draghi at the Quirinale. If this were the case, in some ways everyone is free and the current and unnatural majority would have days numbered ”.

What to expect if this scenario materializes: “We will see – highlights Sallusti – at the right time if everything happens due to the death of the legislature and then there will be a return to early voting or through some strange alchemy such as the sleight of hand we have seen in the last four years. But if this were not the case, that is, if Draghi by choice or lack of alternative were to remain prime minister, then let’s forget political peace, which net of some skirmishes more for media use that we have essentially seen since his establishment in Palazzo Chigi until today. Draghi would in fact find himself governing a year in the midst of a fierce and long electoral campaign (elections at the natural expiration of March 2022) without having his own parliamentary army deployed to protect and at the mercy of brawls and tripping between the leaders of the various parties ” .

“Even the best of generals, and he is, cannot – says Sallusti – manage to resist without troops for such a long period, a period in which, at least we hope, the Covid emergency will be over, which is basically the real bugbear. who has put the parties to bed. Will the buffer between Draghi and the politics of the ministers, some of whom also influential, be enough, who will obviously and legitimately try to maintain the status quo? I doubt “.

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days numbered majority Time

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