Bad weather: expected worsening of weather in Catania, public offices and schools closed – Chronicle

Bad weather: expected worsening of weather in Catania, public offices and schools closed – Chronicle
Bad weather: expected worsening of weather in Catania, public offices and schools closed – Chronicle

“We know that this attenuation could last today and part of tomorrow, we expect a significant deterioration from Thursday to Friday. I am not able to say the time. ”The head of the Civil Protection said so Fabrizio Curcio talking to journalists at the end of a meeting in the Prefecture of Catania.

“The event is not over. Now there is a moment that seems to be attenuating. Our weather models tell us that the event will return. We are doing what needs to be done in these cases. We tell citizens to keep the ‘attention, to follow the instructions of the authorities because they expect hours in this area that can be complicated “, added Curcio. “The values ​​- he specified – speak for themselves. Impressive millimeters of rain fell here. The events were punctual. We think that those 600 millimeters that were recorded in some cases are very clear with respect to the impact that there was on the territory: intense and sudden events in a very critical area “.

The president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci has ordered the closure of the regional offices of the city and of the province of Catania for today and Thursday, following the continuing state of alert for bad weather. Musumeci approved the regional state of emergency and asked the central government to recognize the state of national disaster. The head of the Sicilian Civil Protection Salvo Cocina also participated in the government meeting, who reported on the wave of bad weather that has been devastating eastern Sicily for a few days. The governor also asked for “a special law for Sicily”, with an endowment of “at least three billion euros”, to combat natural phenomena that cause landslides and against hydrogeological risk.

The president of the Republic, Mattarella, telephoned the mayor of Catania this morning to get information on the serious emergency and to express his closeness to the city.

In 49 years of living in this city I had never experienced this phenomenon. Schools and non-essential commercial activities will remain closed tomorrow and Friday, at least as regards Catania, then the other mayors will make the appropriate assessments“. This was stated, meeting the press at the end of a meeting in the Prefecture, the mayor of Catania Salvo Pogliese. The prefect of Catania, Anna Maria Librizzi, for the bad weather emergency has ordered the closure of all public offices in Catania and the municipalities of the province, including judicial offices, for tomorrow, October 28, and Friday, October 29. Managers will be able to evaluate working methods in an agile way. The provision does not apply to public security administration offices. In any case, essential and emergency services and structures functional to public rescue must be guaranteed. The Ministry of University and Research announces that, due to the wave of bad weather, for candidates enrolled at the universities of Catania and Messina, the admission test to the master’s degree courses in the health professions scheduled for Friday 29 October is postponed to Friday 5 November at 13.00.

For the storm that hit Catania and the province yesterday, a 53-year-old man died in Gravina di Catania, overwhelmed by water and mud after getting out of his car, perhaps after a road accident. The unprecedented rain transformed the streets, in particular the very central Via Etnea, into a flooding river and Piazza Duomo into a lake. Flooded the Pescheria market and the fountain from which the underground Amenano river emerges was invaded. An ordinance of the Municipality has decreed the closure of all the shops.

Military and army vehicles are engaged in the rescue and safety work of Scordia, the town of the Plain of Catania among the most affected by the storm where a person died and his wife is missing. This is what was ordered by the prefecture after the summit this morning with the head of civil protection, Fabrizio Curcio. In the Principessa district, soldiers from the reconnaissance nucleus of the Engineers of the Aosta Brigade arrived with their own vehicles, such as excavators and dewatering pumps. It has been arranged that all specialized resources are destined for Scordia, where army soldiers will arrive from Catania, Messina and Palermo and also from Campania.

“Our thoughts go out to all the people affected by the devastating floods in Sicily”. The European Commission writes it in a tweet specifying that “on the basis of an emergency satellite mapping request received from Italy, our Emergency Response Coordination Center has activated the Copernicus system”. Finally, the EU executive adds that “the European Union is ready to provide assistance. # EUsolidarit”.

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