Citizenship income without having the right, 70 people identified in Valle Scrivia

The Busalla financiers, at the end of investigations in synergy with the INPS, have identified seventy non-EU citizens residing in Valle Scrivia who received citizenship income without having the right to do so. Among the necessary requisites, not respected, the residence and the stay in the national territory for ten years (of which the last two are continuous).

The activity was developed by crossing the data present in the information assets of the Guardia di Finanza with the information acquired both in the Municipalities and at the Secondary Reception Centers present in the area and the collaboration of the local Police Headquarters, leading to the discovery of a fraud of about one million euros.

The seventy recipients, assisted by some compliant Cafs, were reported to the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office and the INPS for the immediate blocking of the benefit, while recovery actions continue through the seizure of the sums present on the bank accounts attributable to them.

The operation is part of the activities of the Guardia di Finanza to combat fraud in the social security and health care sectors and aims to guarantee effective support to the weakest sections of the population, avoiding the waste of resources for the benefit of non-eligible parties. , whose undue access generates inequity and undermines social cohesion.


Citizenship income people identified Valle Scrivia

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