“Do not talk to two with him …”. Giletti bursts out at the no-vax doctor

“Do not talk to two with him …”. Giletti bursts out at the no-vax doctor
“Do not talk to two with him …”. Giletti bursts out at the no-vax doctor

A very high-tension clash on the issue of vaccines. This is what happened in the studies of It is not the arena, program broadcast on La7 who dealt with the matter with Mariano Amici: the Ardea doctor is breaking through the no-vax people for his strongly critical statements against the Coronavirus antidote. The doctor also in the television broadcast did not hold back in carrying out his beliefs, coming to question some data of the Higher Institute of Health on the deaths from Covid-19. His positions ended up provoking the conductor’s reaction Massimo Giletti who, exhausted by the host’s words, let himself go to a harsh outburst.

Giletti’s outburst

According to the ISS, in the period from 1 February 2021 to 5 October 2021 there were over 38 thousand deaths of people positive to Coronavirus, of which 33,620 (88.2%) without any dose and 1,440 vaccinated with full cycle (3 , 7%). In essence, there are 23 times more unvaccinated deaths than immunized ones. But for Amici the reality of the facts is not this: “That’s not true, that’s not the case. That is not a real fact because the diagnosis mechanism is not certain“.

Giletti’s furious reaction was then recorded. The conductor of It is not the arena he blurted out against Ardea’s doctor and, without turning around us, invited him to moderate his use of the words: “She talks to people, she doesn’t talk to two balls. Talk to many people, words have weight. She can’t say the vaccine is a poison, because then people chase her about it“. Then, as if that weren’t enough, Amici wanted to add another shocking thesis to add to the dose:”If you let me explain the mechanisms of action, I will explain to you that the vaccine is more than a poison. It is not just a poison, it is more“. The two had already clashed in the past, always in the context of the vaccine.

Doctor Amici suspended

Friends lost the first battle to the Tar. Having decided not to undergo vaccination against Coronavirus, he was suspended by the ASL Roma 6 and therefore remained without a salary. So he had decided to challenge the decision, but the Regional Administrative Court rejected his appeal. Yet Amici continues straight on his way, continuing to strongly support his theories. In the meantime, it increases its popularity on the web, especially on Telegram. It has now become the reference point for no-vaxes (and also for some deniers). But it must be remembered that this is a very small audience: over 80% of Italians have decided to get vaccinated and the 90% threshold is not that far off.


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