“Do you give the line to the government?” – The weather

“Do you give the line to the government?” – The weather
“Do you give the line to the government?” – The weather

While it is smoked black between the unions and Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the new pension reform, the leader of the Brothers of Italy attacks the government on Elsa Fornero. “The former minister is the new spin doctor of the executive?” Meloni wonders. “Reading the newspapers – he explains – the doubt arises that the former Minister of Labor, with interviews and letters open to the trade unions, dictated the political line to the government of the best. Brothers of Italy continues to argue that the priority on pensions is to erase distortions and unacceptable privileges and introducing more equity between generations. The exact opposite of what Draghi, the Democratic Party and the left are doing, who are raging against those who have worked their lives and pursue ideological choices contrary to common sense and social justice “.

The climate on the pension issue is very hot. The trade unions are disappointed by the confrontation with the premier and threaten new protests and unrest. The League is pushing to obtain the check at 62 and 41 of contributions in 2022. On the table the possibility of Ape Social expanding and renewing the Woman option but without any gradualness to exit Quota 100.

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