Rape drug on the darkweb Prof. Chiozza under house arrest

UPDATE – Rape drugs and new chemicals from abroad to the darkweb: drug trafficking discovered with operations center in Rome. Among the 39 people ending up in handcuffs, also two Cremonese: Franco Roberto Chiozza, 59, from San Daniele Po, music teacher at the Vescovato middle school, and 41-year-old Sara Zanacchi, domiciled in Bologna, former municipal councilor of Gerre de ‘Roe deer. Chiozza, in particular, has sent a package of synthetic drugs directly to the school complex where he teaches from Holland. Both the professor and Zanacchi are under house arrest.

Among the excellent arrested there is also Claudia Rivelli, 71, actress and sister of actress Ornella Muti, also under house arrest, accused of importing and selling drugs. A dentist, a lawyer, two bank employees, two retired soldiers and an architect were also involved.

Among the substances marketed, the so-called rape drug and substances with a psychotropic effect, of first appearance on the European scenario, belonging to the category of new psychoactive substances. The drugs were bought from abroad on the web or on the darkweb and are considered to be highly dangerous for health due to the similar or greater doping effects of traditional drugs.

The investigation, coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, reconstructed some international traffic routes: Canada, Poland and the Czech Republic, China, Holland, France and Croatia. The international drug dealer network did not exclude highly concentrated heroin, found in shipments from Great Britain and Germany.

Thanks to the constant monitoring of the e-shops present on the web, deep and dark web and the identification of import channels, over 290 shipments have been identified to subjects dedicated to imports scattered throughout the national territory, for an estimated business volume in approximately 4.8 million euros. Subject of the shipments, in addition to traditional drugs, newly created chemical compounds: this is the case of synthetic opioids created in chemical laboratories located abroad, passed off as heroin for the lowest cost but which, when taken in quantities equal to the dose of traditional heroin, can cause acute poisoning, in many cases fatal.

The investigation allowed the identification of an Italian “import center”, located in Rome, active in the systematic import of rape drugs.

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