“Defeat arrogance Pd-M5S” – Time

“Defeat arrogance Pd-M5S” – Time
“Defeat arrogance Pd-M5S” – Time

End of race for the Zan Ddl. The bill against homotransphobia, approved in November last year in the House, was the victim of the much feared ‘trap’ in the Senate. The request not to switch to the articles presented by Lega and Fdi obtained 154 votes in favor compared to 131 against (2 abstentions). The secret vote requested by senators Roberto Calderoli and Ignazio La Russa, and admitted by the president of Palazzo Madama Elisabetta Casellati not without criticism from the Pd, M5S and Leu, left a free hand to the ‘snipers’ thus leading to the sinking of a text on which center-right and center-left have fought for months without finding an agreement.

The Democratic Party at the very last, and fearing not to have the numbers as it later occurred, sought mediation in extremis by directly fielding the ‘father’ of the bill, that is Alessando Zan, who can only be embittered for the outcome of the match. “It is a black page for our democracy and rights” confesses the deputy dem, underlining the fact that “unfortunately a political force has withdrawn from the majority”. “FI has united with the sovereign right – he adds – for a game linked to the Quirinale match”. And to go with the mind to the election of the President of the Republic is also the deputy of Leu and former secretary of the Democratic Party, Pier Luigi Bersani, according to whom what happened can be considered “a dress rehearsal for the fourth ballot for the Quirinale. It is time that the progressive camp becomes fully aware of the situation “.

At the center of it all are obviously the numbers. According to what is learned, the Democratic Party thought it could count on 145 votes, compared to the 140 hypothesized for the front of the so-called pro-trap. On balance, however, the center left is missing about fifteen votes, ended up in the opponent’s field. A ‘transfer’ that triggers the alarm in the coalition, and at the same time allows Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni to sing victory. “Defeated the arrogance of Letta and the 5Stelle – attacks the secretary of the Carroccio -: they said no to all the mediation proposals, including those formulated by the Holy Father, associations and many families, and they drowned the Zan Ddl. Now let’s start again from the League’s proposal: fight discrimination by leaving children out, freedom of education, gender theory and crimes of opinion “. The president of Fdi is also satisfied, who sees the curtain fall on “a madness signed Pd-5S that Italy had no need for”.

For Enrico Letta, the vote of Palazzo Madama on the Zan Bill, which now theoretically should return to the Justice Commission in at least six months, represents an abrupt stop. “They wanted to stop the future. They wanted to bring Italy back – writes the dem secretary on Twitter -. Yes, today they and their Inguacchi won in the Senate. But the country is somewhere else. And soon we’ll see. “. What we have seen, of course, is that in the end the scenario indicated by Matteo Renzi materialized, among the four absent in the benches of Italia Viva and therefore attacked by Fedez: “But Renzi who proclaimed himself champion of civil rights Is it the same one who seems to have flown to Saudi Arabia today while the Zan Bill was ditched? Great timing “. The leader of IV, even at a distance, however, keeps the point with his team: “For months I have been asking to find an agreement to avoid making the Zan bill fail. They wanted a clash and these are the consequences. Those who argue about absences should to deal with the 40 francs shooters. Today’s responsibility is clear: and to say that for the Pd and Cinque Stelle this time it was easy, easier than the times of ‘O Count or death’. It did not matter to know politics, it was enough to know the arithmetic “.

Tracking down who voted together with the center-right to trigger the ‘trap’ is in any case a practically impossible exercise due to the secret vote. A rebus that feeds suspicion in the left wing, but also within individual parties. The only certain thing is in fact the absences at the time of the vote: none in the Fdi group, 2 in the Lega and in the Pd, 3 in Forza Italia (with Senator Barbara Masini who voted in dissent from the group), 4 in Iv and in the M5S, one in the one for Autonomies, and 16 in the Mixed.

“Unfortunately, there are also some who have not put their face to it, so this speaks volumes about the sensitivity for civil rights” the bitter reflection of the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, who closes a black day for the center-left.

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