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Afghanistan. “I had to sell my daughter for $ 500”

Afghanistan. “I had to sell my daughter for $ 500”
Afghanistan. “I had to sell my daughter for $ 500”

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan continues to worsen. Over half of the population, 22.8 million people, struggle to find food, the health of 3.2 million children under the age of five is at risk from malnutrition and of these at least one million are at risk of dying. Only five percent of Afghan families, according to the United Nations, has enough to eat every day. So much so that many, reveals the BBC, are forced to sell their children to make ends meet.

Afghanistan without aid and medicine

40 percent of Afghanistan’s GDP depends on humanitarian aid. And the funding, after the Taliban conquered the country in August, have been discontinued. The department of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Herat that welcomes severely malnourished children is overcrowded. One in five children, on average, cannot survive.

“I feel the pain of my baby in my flesh,” says the mother of two twins, admitted to the MSF hospital for malnutrition. “Only God knows what I’m going through when I look at them. We have no money to buy food, my husband is out of work: the world must help the Afghan people ». Doctors and nurses do what they can to save the children, but they themselves are in trouble: they have not received their salary for four months and the supplies of medicines are almost exhausted.

“I sold my daughter for $ 500”

In the countryside surrounding the city of Herat, the situation is even worse. “One of my daughters died of hunger,” explains a mother hiding her identity behind a heavy veil. “That’s why I had to sell my youngest girl. I didn’t want to do it, but what choice did I have? ‘ The husband is out of work and does not know how to buy food for his children: “Right now we are starving. We have no flour, we have no oil. We have nothing. My daughter is still small, she doesn’t know her future. I don’t know how he will feel when he finds out, but I had to. ‘

The baby was sold to a wealthy family for $ 500. As soon as she is able to walk, she will be handed over to her new parents. In theory, she should be married to the son of the buyers, “but no one can know for sure.” Other families in the village sold their daughters to get food for a few months.


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Afghanistan sell daughter

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