Love Design 2021: design supports Airc (digital edition)

Milano – From Monday 1 to Sunday 7 November 2021 takes place in an unprecedented digital edition Love Design, the appointment with design organized by the Lombardia Committee of Airc – Italian Association for Cancer Research e Adi – Association for Industrial Design which usually took place at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. This is the tenth edition of the biennial initiative involving the world of design to support cancer research.

Milano – The site turns into a showcase with beyond 5000 design and fashion objects, through which donors can concretely contribute to financing three three-year scholarships for young researchers, each worth 75 thousand euros. A unique opportunity to receive unmissable objects at home, under very special conditions.

Milano – In support of the initiative personalities linked to the world of design, fashion and entertainment lend their faces to further amplify the resonance of the project: Antonio Aricò, Sarah Balivo, Clara Bona, Marco Castelli, Serena Confalonieri, Chiara Frigerio, Gnambox (Riccardo Casiraghi and Stefano Paleari), Tomas Ghisellini, Marco Guazzone, Paola Marella, Gilles Massè , Lucia Peraldo Matton, Gala Rotelli, Elena Salmistraro, Clara Soccini and Alberto Vanin. This year’s campaign is played by the photographer Angelo Ferrillo, with the collaboration of the stylist Maria Gentile, who portrays the subjects inside the prestigious Ifom headquarters, Firc Institute of Molecular Oncology: an advanced high-tech research center dedicated to the study of the formation and development of tumors at the molecular level, also thanks to the constant support of Airc.

The 2021 edition also proposes the lottery Love Design, always with the aim of raising funds for research. The final draw is set for Sunday 7 November: among the 60 prizes up for grabs there are a Fiat 500, a Vespa 50 Sean Wotherspoon, stays in Sirmione, fashion and home accessories, jewelry and many more.

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