A new Cioccolatitaliani store opens in Turin Lingotto

The Gesa Group, which owns the Cioccolatitaliani, Pizzeria Italiana Espressa (PIE) and Bun Burger brands, is preparing to end the year by opening six new premises, one of which in Turin, and by hiring staff for all the brand’s stores. In total there will be 150 new hires that will be perfected in the next two months. For this reason, the Milanese company that controls the brand dedicated to the world of chocolate and ice cream, pizza and burgers is looking for store managers, dining room staff, chefs and pastry chefs.

The new hires will be distributed both in the current stores (61 in total) and in the new premises that will be opened in Milan, Turin and Brescia. In particular, the research focuses on store managers (30%), pastry chefs (20%), dining room staff (20%), ice cream makers (10%) and chefs (20%).

Recruitment in Turin

The next opening of Cioccolatitaliani will be in Turin Lingotto at the end of November. The next hires will concern not only the new store, but also the PIE – Pizza Italiana Espressa store in piazzale Aldo Moro (where the customer can compose their own pizza by choosing the ingredients), the Cioccolatitaliani store in central Turin (via Sant ‘Ottavio) and the upcoming opening at the Lingotto shopping center. The number of hires will be 22 employees including 5 pastry chefs, 5 waiters, 5 bartenders, 2 store managers, 3 assistants, 2 pizza chefs.

“We want to hire – explains Vincenzo Ferrieri, CEO of Cioccolatitaliani, PIE and BunBurgers – young enthusiasts who have the desire to work in this sector. We are convinced that in the next 10 years the restaurant chain sector will be central to the Italian economy and will have high growth rates. We want people who want to get involved and improve with us, we are a company that has always focused on internal growth paths, transforming young enthusiasts into professionals in the sector “.

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Cioccolatitaliani store opens Turin Lingotto

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