Model 770/2021: extension on the way?

Model 770/2021: extension on the way?
Model 770/2021: extension on the way?

There are now only three working days before the deadline for the electronic submission of the model 770/2021 and of unique certifications of the self-employed.

A deadline made complex by the innovations introduced by the emergency legislation, with particular reference to the suspension of payments that characterized the worst period of the pandemic.

In a note issued a few minutes ago the President of the National Council of Labor Consultants Marina Calderone renewed the request for the extension of this requirement, by means of a letter addressed to the Minister of Economy and Finance Franco.

Here is the official text of the note in question:

Three days after the deadline relating to the presentation of the 770/2021 model, following the previous note of last October 13, the President of the National Council of the Order of Labor Consultants, Marina Calderone, with a letter addressed to the Minister of Economy and of Finance, Daniele Franco, renews the request for an extension to November 30 as the deadline for submission.

The President stresses that the deadline is part of a calendar full of obligations for the Category to which are added the provisions of the recent Fiscal Decree (Legislative Decree No. 146/2021) which introduced the possibility of using social safety nets for further periods. emergencies, which sees the Labor Consultants involved, alongside the companies, in the relative management.

Furthermore, the technical and operational difficulties already highlighted to the Revenue Agency should be noted, which mainly concern the correct compilation of the ST and SV Panels relating to the causes of suspension of payments made in the emergency period “.

Extension of deadline for model 770/2021, criticalities in the ST and SV panels already reported to the Revenue Agency

The request for an extension is not linked, as often happens, to the multiplicity of obligations that characterize the end of the month.

Even the model 770/2021, in fact, it takes into account the emergency measures adopted during 2020, in relation to the Covid emergency, but with some operational criticalities.

As highlighted by the press releases of the National Council of Labor Consultants today and last 13 October, some problems have been identified in the ST and SV panels, column 15 of the 770 model, that is, in relation to the section dedicated to the indication of payments suspended for Covid during the past year.

The operational issues are have already been reported to the Revenue Agency, considering among other things that prevent the declaration from being processed.

Pending feedback, the professionals highlight the need to arrange the extension of the deadline at least as of November 30, 2021, in order to ensure the “Necessary serenity to operate at best in the interest of workers and companies”.

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