Angela Paone, as she was before the lady of the Throne Over | You will hardly recognize it!

All the Canale Cinque audience knows the beautiful lady of the throne Over Angela Paone. The well-known lady of the Canale Cinque program, in addition to being one of the most loved protagonists of this season of Maria De Filippi’s dating show for her determined character, is also appreciated for her charm. Years ago, however, the lady was completely different from how we see it today.


Have you ever seen an old photo of Angela Paone? The original lady from Benevento was completely different from today. You will almost have a hard time recognizing it.

How was Angela Paone before Men and Women

Angela Paone, originally from Campania, is one of the most fascinating ladies of Men and Women Over. Its beauty captivated Biagio di Maro and later also the knight Luca Cenerelli.

There have been many acquaintances that Angela has undertaken on the dating show. The lady also knew Armando Incarnato and Andrea Corrà but none of these proved to be lasting.

Despite some not entirely positive knowledge, however, Angela Paone continues to search with determination the right man for her in the well-known program of Maria De Filippi and now is discovering Antonio. Between the two it seems to be going well and for the moment their acquaintance gives hope for something solid.

We hope so and that you can find your serenity with him. The fact remains that Angela is really very beautiful and it will always be easy for her to meet so many knights ready to woo her and yet she has not always been like this: before the program she looked completely different from what we see today on TV!

The incredible transformation

If you are curious to know if Angela has always been like this even before the program, well the answer is no. THEher look has changed a lot.

Angela wore a jaunty hair, with a short brown bob. The cut that barely touched the shoulders, with its dark nuance and geometric shape, gave it a fresh and lively air.

Definitely young and very trendy. She was beautiful then and she is beautiful today but certainly her look at the time was very different from today. Who knows which of the two versions of Angela the public appreciates the most. What is certain is that it undoubtedly is charming both brunette and blonde.


Angela Paone lady Throne recognize

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