“My husband Alex Belli attracted to Soleil Sorge” / “They are the same, but …”

“My husband Alex Belli attracted to Soleil Sorge” / “They are the same, but …”
“My husband Alex Belli attracted to Soleil Sorge” / “They are the same, but …”

Delia Duran, the wife of Alex Belli, goes back to talking about the feeling between her husband and Soleil Rises. A great friendship was born between Belli and the influencer, thanks to the coexistence in the most famous house in Italy. The two, moreover, during the kiss freeze, they even shared a kiss commented live by Alfonso Signorini during the thirteenth episode. Although Alex and Soleil spend a lot of time together, Delia reiterates that she totally trusts her husband.

Alex is mentally attracted to Soleil because they are the same, they are both leaders, they have strong characters. It is absolutely nothing to worry about. Trust has always been our strong point “Duran explained in an interview with the microphones of the weekly Novella 2000.

Delia Duran: “Trust is the strong point of marriage with Alex Belli”

Delia Duran she totally trusts her husband Alex Belli and does not fear his relationship with Soleil Rises. Duran, in fact, has absolutely no fear for her marriage and sees no ambiguity in the feeling between Alex and the influencer. “Alex has changed, has matured and is proving to be an honest and generous man. Alex is an artist, and if at times he exposes himself in a seductive way, he does it without even realizing it “.

No fear, therefore, for Duran who, to make her husband Alex feel her support, also sent him a plane. The actor, for his part, always talks about her and has repeatedly appealed to receive a surprise from his wife. “Get quarantined before you come here,” said Alex, addressing the wife he would like to hug and not just see in a possible surprise in the house.



husband Alex Belli attracted Soleil Sorge

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