Pensions, clash between trade unions and government: Ape social and Option Woman extended

It is a rupture between the trade unions and the government. The meeting held last night between the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri and Prime Minister Mario Draghi confirmed the distances between the parties on the subject of pensions. The unions lose a decisive battle and prepare for general mobilization.

Draghi leaves the table

After two hours of confrontation with the confederates, Prime Minister Draghi leaves the Green Room on the third floor of Palazzo Chigi for “an urgent commitment”, commenting that “another welcome is granted” to the small concessions made by the government.

The former head of the ECB believes that the demands made by the unions are excessive. But above all, it sends to the sender the proposal for a modification of the “ordinary” pension scheme. For the government, the money from the maneuver, already indicated in Brussels with the Dpb, cannot change.

The Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta, after the release of Draghi, try to mediate in a meeting in which the tones become more and more lively. Brunetta, he explains, will bring the premier the evaluation of some concrete aspects, not excluding even new meetings.

But the fact remains that the request made by the leader of CGIL Landini did not receive the desired attention. We then gradually return to the Fornero law.

The budget item remains unchanged: 611 million for 2022 which fall in 2023 and 2024 for a three-year total of 1.5 billion. From January 1, 2021, pensioners and workers return to the pension scheme provided by the then Minister of Labor during the Monte government: retirement age of 67 for men and women, no flexibility in leaving and no “guarantee pension”.

Ape social extension and woman option

During the meeting, the one-year extension for theApe social, which provides for a pension advance from the age of 62 – with stakes providing for 36 years of contributions and seven years of night or strenuous work in the last ten – also extended to new categories of heavy work.

Green light also for the confirmation of 365 days for Woman option, the tool that in 2020 sent only 14 thousand workers into retirement who suffered a 30 percent cut in the allowance due to the full contribution recalculation.

Isolate CGIL, CISL and UIL

At the end of three hours of talks, the unions judged the executive’s proposals “largely insufficient“,”not a reform worthy of the name“.

The dialogue could continue today during the trade union G20. The last blow comes from Landini. “It is not acceptable that the work created is precarious. We are in the presence of fixed-term contracts of a few months, of temporary work. It is no longer acceptable that growth continues to produce precarious work. And decent wages and a non-precarious but stable job are the conditions for determining a pension system that stands up ”.

Fornero writes to Landini

The former Minister of Labor during the Monte government, Elsa Fornero, in La Stampa he wrote an open letter to Maurizio Ladini on the condition of young people: with “unemployment rates among the highest in Europe are often forced to look elsewhere for opportunities“.

And he attacks on the battles of the confederates on Quota 100 and on the law that bears his name. “What does it have to do with the exit from 100 and with the resumption of a path to raise the retirement age? Impossible – explains Fornero – do not see the failure of an economic pact between generations“.

Fornero then addresses an advice to the CGIL leader: “Getting out of 100 with some gradualness and respecting the fairness that requires you to treat at least the most unfortunate ones better is possible. A new step back would still be a short-sighted choice of decline

The former minister’s words come during what is a decisive day for talks on the subject of pensions. In fact, tomorrow Draghi should convene the Council of Ministers on the budget law.
But the mobilization of the trade unions is now certain, which also means a strike.

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