Banca Fucino: 7 growth levers for Rome after Covid – Lazio

Banca Fucino: 7 growth levers for Rome after Covid – Lazio
Banca Fucino: 7 growth levers for Rome after Covid – Lazio

Second part of the report, from culture to green to university

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 27 – Seven levers for change, from culture, to greenery, to universities and public and municipal enterprises. This is what we read in the second part of the Banca del Fucino report which illustrates the interventions necessary to relaunch the capital entitled “Prospects for the growth of the economy of Rome after the pandemic”.

“The basic concepts that guide these proposals are very simple”, says the CEO of Banca del Fucino, Francesco Maiolini: “Rome has a huge unexpressed potential: economic, cultural and environmental. It is a question of knowing how to transform this enormous wealth into growth , in actual development: if we unblock some bottlenecks, precisely those that are critical elements today can become vectors for a very rapid relaunch “. Among the factors of development, the report talks about the historic center of Rome where the desertification of productive activities – artisans, but not only – can be countered with policies to facilitate the establishment of newly formed companies.

It is important to activate housing settlement policies, aimed primarily at young people. In both cases it is possible to hypothesize the reuse of many properties owned by the Municipality and other public bodies in this area.

It is necessary to relaunch the university system and public parks – Rome has the largest extension of public parks among the major European capitals. However, this is not reflected in a specialization in the field of public green maintenance.

The cultural circuit – In relation to culture, the city’s insufficient ability to extract value from its assets stands out. An example is the extraordinary quality of the city’s musical institutions which, however, do not find full recognition in the record market or in the panorama of major international festivals. . Finally, the role of large public enterprises – All PNRR missions are covered by the spheres of competence of publicly owned enterprises. A newfound protagonism of large subjects based in Rome can only exert spill-over effects for industry, professional services and the city’s finance itself. (HANDLE).


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