Overwhelmed by the flood, Paolo Grassidonio is Gravina’s victim

Paolo Claudio Agatino Grassidonio, this was the name of the 53-year-old man who died yesterday in Gravina di Catania, while the most acute phase of the flood event was underway in that area of ​​the town of Etna. Paolo Grassidonio knew the risks involved in these cases, belonging to a voluntary organization, “Anc” (National Association of Carabinieri) based in Nicolosi. He was therefore a volunteer.

“We do not know if he was going to help someone in those moments. However, he met his fate, overwhelmed by the fury of an unimaginable event – reads a post from the Sicilian Region Civil Protection – The news that Paolo Grassidonio he was a Civil Protection volunteer only in the late evening, when the official confirmation of the man’s identity arrived. That is, while his colleagues were still rescuing citizens in various areas of the city or pumping water out of the houses in Catania “.

The despair over the death of his colleague made itself felt, but also in his name everyone continued their commitment to others. There are numerous condolences sent to the family also via social media, from colleagues, ordinary citizens and from the authorities. “The same Head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, today during the meeting in the Prefecture highlighted the fact that Grassidonio belonged to the community of Civil Protection volunteers. The condolences of the General Manager, Salvo Cocina, reach the family, also on behalf of all the staff of DRPC Sicily “, concludes the note.


Overwhelmed flood Paolo Grassidonio Gravinas victim

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