Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg towards his resignation. The scandal cannot be curbed

Facebook, Zuckerberg towards his resignation. The scandal cannot be curbed

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook would be one step away from his resignation, in the extreme attempt to save his social network overwhelmed by the scandal of the 10 thousand documents published by the Wall Street Journal, which denounced the risks of the social repercussions of sharing sensitive content by users. The theme – we read in Repubblica – is no longer: what else did they do at Menlo Park, the headquarters in Silicon Valley where Mark Zuckerberg moved the Facebook headquarters shortly after creating it in a student accommodation at Harvard University. The theme is: when and how to make Zuckerberg resign to save the empire he has built since 2004, adding Instagram and Whatsapp.

It is not the first time – continues Repubblica – that we talk about it: from 2019 an appeal, an online petition, a protest has occasionally reappeared. But this time it’s different. The scale of the scandal is such that the crisis – enormous – following the manipulation of the data of the users of the social network by Cambridge Analytica to win Brexit and Trump, a trivial exercise, appears. Also in this case, it was a “repentant” who triggered the revelations: but in the Facebook Files it is not a developer or a marketing expert, that is, marginal figures compared to Facebook. Frances Haugen at Menlo Park was a big shot: 38, had worked extensively at Google, even signed a patent on an algorithm to modify search engine results, and had switched to Yelp and Pinterest before joining Facebook in 2018. to deal with how to counter the rampant disinformation on social media.


Facebook Mark Zuckerberg resignation scandal curbed

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