Verona, autopsy on the girls killed by their mother: they were suffocated

October 27, 2021 6:09 pm

Firefighters found the body in a bend in the river, 300 meters from where his personal belongings were found.

Before finding the body of Sachithra Ninansala Fernando Dewendra Mahawaduge, the divers found one scarpa it’s a sweatshirt floating in the river. The Sinhalese community and the ex-husband himself had also mobilized for the research, with appeals on social media.

The little ones may have been killed with a pillow, even though nothing was found out of place in the room. Other medico-legal investigations will be carried out, such as toxicological tests. The prosecutor Federica Ormanni will, however, give the authorization for the burial. The murder file is open against unknown persons.

The woman warned: “They don’t go to school today” – “Please the girls have a fever, give me some medicine and then let them sleep. I’m not sending them to school today.” These are the last words, addressed to a social worker, spoken on Tuesday morning by Sachithra Mahawaduge.

The reconstruction – The mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, has reconstructed what happened in the municipal structure. “The lady reported that the two daughters were indisposed and asked for an anti-flu drug. After some time the operator went into the rooms and saw the girls in bed who seemed to be sleeping, the light on in the bathroom. thought that the mother was inside the bathroom and left the room. After about ten minutes – continued the mayor – the operator went back to the room, entered the bathroom and realized that there was no ‘was nobody. At that point she went to check on the two girls making the terrible discovery. They were already lifeless. The bathroom window was open and therefore the mother has surely moved away from there “.

Filed complaints – As for the relationship with her husband and the reasons that led to the expulsion of the woman and the daughters from the family, the investigators reported that the complaints for alleged mistreatment of the man have recently been filed.


Verona autopsy girls killed mother suffocated

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