He spoke at the No Green pass demonstration in Rome: judge Giorgianni suspended – The video

He had announced his resignation (with effect from January 2022), but the Disciplinary Section of the CSM arrived earlier, accepting the request of the Attorney General of the Cassation, Giovanni Salvi, and suspending Judge Angelo Giorgianni from his functions and salary. On Saturday 9 October Giorgianni took part in the No Green pass demonstration in Piazza del Popolo, which resulted in the attack on the national headquarters of the CGIL in Rome. Giorgianni, on the stage in Piazza del Popolo, attacked the government, calling for “a new Nuremberg” against the executive. On the stage, behind him, were present the Forza Nuova leader Giuliano Castellino and Biagio Passaro, leader of IoApro, both arrested for the clashes that upset the capital during the demonstration against green certification. After the incident, at the urging of the togates of Area, a case was opened on Giorgianni. In parallel, the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia also ordered checks through the inspectors of via Arenula.

From the request for a “new Nuremberg” to the suspension

«Today the Italian people have given the eviction notice to those who illegally occupy the buildings of power. We want a trial for them, a new Nuremberg! », Giorgianni said from the stage. A few days later the judge said: “If the fact of wearing the toga must limit me to expressing my opinion on the legitimacy of acts or measures, or worse still to report criminally relevant facts, even if they concern representatives of the institutions, then I prefer leave the toga ». In resigning his resignation, Giorgianni also specified that “in that square there were mothers, children and workers, and it was an international square, without party symbols, and peaceful. And if, outside that square, some criminal has committed criminal acts, it has nothing to do with the demonstration against the Green Pass ».

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spoke Green pass demonstration Rome judge Giorgianni suspended video

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