The Zan bill is dead: Italy remains without a law against homotransphobia

The Zan bill is dead: Italy remains without a law against homotransphobia
The Zan bill is dead: Italy remains without a law against homotransphobia

Alessandro Zan, the father of the law against homotransphobia, follows the vote from the presidency of the Democratic Party. Alone. On the table, empty coffee cups and scattered papers are the accounts of an evening spent at the abacus: who supports the text and who will vote for the “trap”, then the stop to the law. The unknown factor hangs over former party colleagues, that is Italia Viva, on part of the Mixed, on the M5s. Nobody trusts anyone. It’s a moment: you win or lose.

“On paper you win: 143 them, 146 us if Italia Viva votes”. They repeat it all morning. The slap that arrives around 13:40, however, is the heaviest. Hearing Casellati’s words is like a litany, “154 votes in favor. 132 against “. Gets lost. «What a slap» says Elena Botto, former M5s now Misto, through gritted teeth. There are 24 votes. The predictions were wrong. Now you look at the numbers on the board that mark the autopsy of the law against homotransphobia, dead once again, in a script that has been repeated for 25 years. Here, however, the Senate has arrived, “it is already something” consoles a deputy of the LeU. At the Transatlantico: mute, head down, the senator of the Democratic Party Monica Cirinnà, Barbara Masini, senator of Forza Italia fresh from coming out, parade. And then Alessandra Maiorino, senator of the M5s. A sad dance. While La Russa at the buvette celebrates the success of his trap: “He doesn’t command the Cirinnà,” he laughs.

Ddl Zan: “Our institutions have shown that they are backward. The country was asking for a law of civilization”

The day had started in the Pd presidency office. Abacus in hand, the votes are there. If Italia Viva holds. “It does not suit Renzi – reasoned a senator – people have understood and will go against him”. Calderoli in the buvette room does the math in mind: if we vote by 12, it’s done. The law hangs on the clock. They also think so within the Pd and the M5s: if you vote after 2pm or 5pm everything changes. All. The Leaguers will be fewer, the votes are reduced. But to reduce hour after hour are the votes that should save the bill: Senators Elena Fattori (SI) and Matteo Mantero (Power to the people) are missing. In Italia Viva, Ernesto Magorno, Gisella Vono and Nadia Ginetti are missing. The glance, however, is on Matteo Renzi, occupied in Saudi Arabia together with Prince Bin Salman for an event of the FII Institute, the foundation on whose board the former premier sits.

In the Democratic Party there were only two absent (Tommaso Cerno and Gianni Marilotti). Four in the Cinquestelle Movement. “Maybe we can’t do it,” said a senator in the middle of the morning. A possibility also emerges in the middle of the morning. A precedent: The trap on the Zan bill could be voted with an open vote. It has already been done taking advantage of article 113, paragraph 5 of the regulation: “If the decision of the President is contested, the President can, if she believes, call the council for the regulation to review the decision”. But it is an illusion: it would slip tomorrow. Better to go to the vote immediately.

The discussion is the synthesis of everything that has been repeated on the Zan bill in the last two years. Romeo, leader of the Lega, intervenes with Matteo Salvini at his side who nods: «We must give the children the time they need to be what they want. We want to force children to change their sex ». Quagliarello intervenes on behalf of his Idea-Cambiamo group: he cites biology, gender, gender identity: «The right to self-perception nullifies feminist struggles. Male athletes who compete with women and men who enter the pink arm of prisons ». Ronzulli of Forza Italia, shouts: «If you want to impose gender fluid theories on 3-year-olds, we are here to prevent it. We will never vote for it ». La Russa from Fratelli d’Italia puts her hands forward: «For many years I have felt very discriminated against and not for reasons of sex and religion but political affiliation. And therefore I am very sensitive to discrimination. But the Zan bill is a surreptitious attempt to introduce a single thought ». Calderoli, a master of parliamentary regulations, explains the trap: «Rather than making a legal monster and rather than doing filth and I know about filth. Let’s stop today. It is not a rejection. From a law we can start tomorrow to examine a true text. Better a stop today than an alas tomorrow ». Davide Faraone, on behalf of Italia Viva announces a vote against. But something does not return at the end of the morning. The bill does not pass and the difference is enormous. «Judas was one. Here was the queue, with the number in hand, ”comments a senator from the Democratic Party.

Monica Cirinnà does not want to comment on the numbers: «Thousands of people without rights – she sighs – this is the result of the vote the 154 senators will answer. Italy is in fact aligned with Hungary and with Poland ». Paola Binetti introduces herself to the ocean liner smiling under her white mask: «It was a gesture of freedom. You know, I didn’t expect Letta to take all the radical positions she has taken: this law, euthanasia, free drugs. I remembered a different image. Now he will be able to listen better to the sensitivity of parliament ». Barbara Masini, an openly lesbian senator of Forza Italia, is visibly disappointed, surrounded by journalists, sighs: “The necessary meeting points were not found and we went to the Chamber. I voted in dissent because in any case it seemed indelicate towards my group which gave me support ».

In the classroom she had to listen to her colleague Licia Ronzulli who associated the risk of teaching 3-year-old children to become gender-fluid with the Zan bill: «I don’t agree. But a sensitivity has opened up inside Forza Italia. There is a lot of work to do ». Alessandra Maiorino, senator of the M5s who for months has toured between LGBT associations and Pride, replies to Maria Elena Boschi (“The arrogance of Five stars and Pd has produced an incredible defeat”): “The numbers are overwhelming – sighs Maiorino – and tell us something. Italia Viva continues to navigate a position in which it has slipped. If she had limited herself to voting for it in the Senate as well, we would not have reached this point ». They all voted in the M5s: “We held,” he comments. The Zan bill is dead. The time of fear, of suspicion, of revenge opens up.

Davide Farona is in a hurry, in the press room he smiles and quickens his pace. “I have to run away for lunch.” And the absence of the leader of Italia Viva? «Renzi is persecuted on your part. Passionate only you ». Is the center-right a political perimeter? «No, unfortunately no. But to see the bitterness for a law that does not exist ». The restaurant closes late. Pharaoh disappears.

At the end of the day, the words of Alessandro Zan, very serious and dressed in black, remain: «A political force paraded and flirted with the sovereign right only for a game linked to the Quirinale match. A setback that in any case does not stop us is only momentary ». A new law could resume in six months, they say. But nobody believes it anymore. Today is only the day of condolences for the LGBT community which has not even decided to organize sit-ins or protests. Italy remains without a law against homotransphobia as has been happening for twenty-five years now. Twenty-five years plus one today.

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