WhatsApp without sound or vibration for notifications? You are not alone

WhatsApp without sound or vibration for notifications? You are not alone
WhatsApp without sound or vibration for notifications? You are not alone

Many users of our Facebook group (subscribe!) Have reported to us in recent days that WhatsApp Beta it did not make the smartphone ring nor vibrate when a message notification arrived. This was a reported bug

just a few days ago. However, the problem may not only concern the beta. But let’s proceed step by step.

WhatsApp Beta versions affected by the bug were the and the Apparently the developers would finally fix the issue with the version made available through the beta program in the last few hours. Both WABetaInfo and some of our Facebook group users confirm that the problem, with this version, could actually be resolved once and for all.

However, some users, despite updating to the new version, always encounter the same bug. The Android smartphone models affected are among the most diverse. The bug causes the smartphone does not emit notification or vibration sounds in case of correct reception of the message. The same problem would not affect voice calls.

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There are even those who would have encountered the problem on the stable version of WhatsApp. We are discussing this about the group in this topic. The WhatsApp development team had also confirmed the presence of the bug to one of our users, thus replying to his reporting email:

Taking a look at the Play Store, you then notice how other users are having the same problem with the stable version of WhatsApp.

In short, for the moment there is no official solution. The only thing is to be patient and wait for one of the next updates. In case you have the beta version, updated to via the Play Store. Let us know in the comment section if you also do not receive notification sounds or vibrations on WhatsApp.

This version hides among other things one new emoji feature, which allows you to create combinations of skin tones with emojis that involve more than one subject (such as those relating to families). The functionality is present but still not active, but it was still shown in the screenshot below by the WABetaInfo team.

Source: WABetaInfo


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