Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Touch together again: “At first I was afraid”

Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Touch together again: “At first I was afraid”
Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Touch together again: “At first I was afraid”

Friends”, Francesca Touch e Raimondo Todaro confirm that they are back together. Galetto was also the talent “Friends”, dove Francesca Touch e Raimondo Todaro they met again after the separation, experiencing an unexpected return of the flame.

Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro (Instagram)

Friends, Raimondo Todaro and Franceca Tocca: “Here’s how we got back together”

Francesca Touch e Raimondo Todaro also thanks to “Friends“Are back together. Raimondo in fact, after years spent at the court of Milly Carlucci a dancing with the Stars, he passed with the role of professor at the talent Mediaset, where he met his ex-wife again Francesca Touch, for years a professional dancer in the program of Maria De Filippi. The two broke up after marriage and a daughter over a betrayal of Francesca with Valentin Dumitru, a former student of the school, but the problems have been overcome: “We are back together – explained the Touch to who” – at the end of the summer, there was no precise moment. Things went gradually. And then at the beginning I said “After everything that has happened, that has been said and written, we will never get back together”. At a certain point, however, I felt calm and I felt that my will was to be close to him and so we got closer.».

Raimondo Todaro confirms the returned love, but the couple does not want to make the mistake they made earlier: “We weren’t going to say we broke up. It was not a nice thing, why show it to the public ?! The fact is that we had broken up, I was in another house, only my parents knew. Even close friends were not aware of it … and then we find ourselves in all the newspapers and on all sites. There was a misunderstanding. Anyway, this time we did the same thing, we got together and we didn’t say anything because before we were on everyone’s lips for two years.».

Working together, as a confirmation Francesca, at first they worried: “But do you know I was scared at first? Not for our relationship. The fact is that for me Friends it’s my place, here I have my time and my space, to then go home to my family. I hope not to be misunderstood. Anyway, now that he is here my fears are gone, we are not together all day, he has a role, I another and I have discovered that when we meet I like it a lot».

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