the secret ballot rekindles tensions in the Democratic Party. What happens now

the secret ballot rekindles tensions in the Democratic Party. What happens now
the secret ballot rekindles tensions in the Democratic Party. What happens now

ROME Nobody took their foot off the accelerator and finally the ddl Zan it crashed as expected by many. “The risk of burying the law was there for all to see,” he reflects Emma Bonino who voted against the trap mechanism that drowned the law. The exchange of accusations between the center-right and the center-left, between Pd, Leu e Iv, does not hide the disaster but for some it exalts it to the point of hypothesizing to transform the defeat into a flag to be displayed in the next electoral campaign.

Bill Zan, stop in the Senate: the Lega-FdI line passes, the center-left loses 16 votes

Ddl Zan, Quirinale technical tests

This is the case with the M5S from Giuseppe Conte, who the day before had deserted the mediation table put forward in extremis by Enrico Letta. Nothing to do, for Leu, M5S is a part of the Democratic Party which, led by the “narcissist” Alessandro Zan as the blue defines it Francesco Giro, they tried the count and lost even if by only 23 votes. The law against homophobia, transphobia and misogyny can only be discussed in six months. That is when the legislature is at the end of the day and the parliamentarians are busy in other matters.

The Quirinale match

On the other hand, the secret ballot is an ugly beast for any secretary to tame. Enrico Letta, party secretary whose rapporteur is dem Zan, did the dress rehearsals in view of an equally secret vote, like the one used to elect the President of the Republic. In the Nazarene there are those who are now wondering about the usefulness of the wall against the wall and refer to the debate that in the last legislature preceded the law on civil unions which, in order to pass, was purified of the stepchild adoption for homosexual couples. That is the possibility of adopting the partner’s non-biological child which is already possible but for heteros. The rule was set aside, but civil unions were made in homage to a reformism that moves taking into account the opportunities.

In them

The impression is that the clash was sought by those on the left chasing the iron alliance with the M5S. “Turnarounds sovereigns and reformists have buried the law”, sums up Goffredo Bettini, a member of the leadership of the Democratic Party. After days of calm, among the dem is therefore destined to resume the internal debate, especially on alliances. The former DS wing does not seem to want to give much space to the new secretary and to those who, like Andrea Orilando, are asking to reopen the dialogue with the liberal wing of the field now manned by Calenda and Renzi.



secret ballot rekindles tensions Democratic Party

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