Pluto Tv debuts in Italy with 40 free channels. Ondarza: it will be a success

Pluto Tv debuts in Italy with 40 free channels. Ondarza: it will be a success
Pluto Tv debuts in Italy with 40 free channels. Ondarza: it will be a success

The free streaming TV platform (with advertising) of the ViacomCBS group makes its debut: linear and on demand offer

Key points

  • On October 28, 2021, Pluto TV of the ViacomCbs group made its debut in Italy
  • 40 free channels and on demand offer
  • Fast business model
  • Platform open to producers and partners
  • Ambitious goals
  • Paramount + will arrive next year
  • Communication for the Italian launch

Italy is not an easy market for pay. Especially in the field of content as editors and news publishers know well. Things have been a little better on TV since Sky, Netflix, Prime and others opened the market. However, there remains a rather large hard core of those who struggle with the idea of ​​paying to watch television. The ViacomCbs group focuses on these – and on a widespread national apathy that leads to appreciation of comfortable solutions – with the Italian launch of Pluto TV, platform focused on linear channels, with a residual on-demand offer.

It starts tomorrow, 28 October 2021, with Pluto TV also available from us on every device –, mobile and main smart TVs – with 40 channels, set to become 55 shortly. All available for free, without any registration. An easy and rich offer made possible by the Fast business model, free ad-supported television that is 4 breaks (not skippable) every hour of transmission. Mode well known and appreciated by Italians.

Pluto Tv anticipates the arrival of Paramount + scheduled for next year. They are, they explain in ViacomCbs Networks International, of two complementary offers. The first, as mentioned, is free and predominantly linear, the second pay, Svod model, and will propose a premium offer made up of original content, the ‘Paramont + Originals’.

Launched 8 years ago in the world, Pluto TV last year recorded revenues of one billion dollars and received a very good reception also in Europe. In France it was for two weeks since its debut app trending topic, passing within a year from the initial 40 channels to the current 75. In Spain it was the television phenomenon of the year and today it offers over 90 channels. In Germany by December they will reach a hundred.

Jaime Ondarza EVP e GM South Hub ViacomCBS Emeaa

We have ambitious goals for Italy, we expect a success like in Spain ”, says Jaime Ondarza EVP and GM South Hub ViacomCBS Emeaa,“ Pluto tv is an open platform ready to welcome the contribution of all contributors who want to be part of it. We offer them an equal partnership also in terms of revenues, a 50% revenue sharing. Our channels grow quickly also because the platform can easily accommodate even “dormant”, minor or niche “content.

It starts with 20% of Italian proposals, a share destined, they say to ViacmCbs, to grow rapidly.

Olivier Jollet, Pluto Tv international manager

“We cannot reveal the numbers that we expect to record in Italy with Pluto Tv, but we are extremely confident and have ambitious goals”, says Olivier Jollet, international manager of the platform that has more than 52 million monthly active users worldwide. countries on 3 continents and with a total of 400 channels.

Jaime Ondarza EVP and GM South Hub ViacomCBS Emeaa and Alberto Carrozzo, country manager Italia ViacomCbs

What can you watch on Pluto Tv?

From tomorrow, different genres will be available on 40 channels, including cinema, TV series, reality TV, children’s content, lifestyle, crime and comedy. “In addition to a wide choice guaranteed by the extensive ViacomCBS library”, explains Cecilia Padula, ViacomCbs content manager, “the platform will offer diversified content from third-party publishers and partners, including Paramount, Lionsgate, Minerva, KidsMe, Banijay Rights, Cineflix Rights . Other partners will be announced later, as well as the editorial offer that will be constantly enriched ”.

Among the channels present at the launch, just to name a few macro categories, there will be Romantic Movies, Action Movies, TV Crime, Italian Cinema TV, Jokes and Laughter channels and Teen Series, Super! Heroes and Super! SpongeBob.
“The long list of proposals will also include pop-up and seasonal channels, temporary channels dedicated to special programs, moments or reviews”, says Alberto Carrozzo, country manager Italy ViacomCbs. Among these, obviously the Super Christmas channel will not be missing! Xmas.

Pluto TV’s debut in Italy is supported by a communication campaign mainly focused on the group’s media.

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