Ludovica Modugno, voice actress and actress of “Quo vado?”

Ludovica Modugno, voice actress and actress of “Quo vado?”
Ludovica Modugno, voice actress and actress of “Quo vado?”

She passed away at the age of 72 Ludovica Modugno popular Italian actress and voice actress. The artist had been fighting for some time against an illness that had struck her suddenly and that snatched her from the affection of her loved ones a few months after her 73rd birthday. The announcement of her death has shaken the world of theater and cinema, where Ludovica has been a protagonist since she was a child.

Voice, character and performer of great charisma, Ludovica Modugno made her debut in the world of entertainment as voice actress at the age of 7. His is the voice of the child protagonist of the famous 1956 film “Marcellino bread and wine“. From that moment Modugno never stopped, alternating her passion for dubbing with her love for acting both on theatrical stages and in front of the camera. In the 1960s she was the protagonist of numerous soap operas such as”Wuthering Heights “,” I remember Mom, “The Storyteller” e “La Pisana“. Television series that have also seen her protagonist in more recent television history with her participation in”Marshal Rocca “,” A woman as a friend ” e “Edda”.

On the big screen he began as actress in 1969 with the participation in “Italians! It is strictly forbidden to use the toilet during stops“. But everyone remembers her for the interpretations in”Magic Nights” by Paolo Virzì, “The big step” and for the collaboration with Checco Zalone in two of his most ironic films “I fall from the clouds” and “Here I go?“, where she played the role of the protagonist’s mother.

The list of theatrical plays in which Ludovica Modugno was able to offer profound but also ironic interpretations is very long. The last one, ne “The knot“by Johnna Adamas, took her on stage in 2021 alongside Ambra Angiolini, who today greeted her like this on social networks: “Fly Ludo … you’ve always done it even on land … .. I’ll miss you “. Ludovica Modugno was not only an actress but also a voice, the voice actress of some of the greatest international actresses such as Glenn Close, Elizabeth Taylor and Meryl Streep and of characters from animated and cartoon series such as Crudelia De Mon. Friends, relatives and colleagues now cry and greet her remembering her being joyful and overwhelming, preserving the memory of a woman thirsty for life, whose voice can never be forgotten.


Ludovica Modugno voice actress actress Quo vado

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