Covid, 265 new positives in Puglia: 46 in the province of Lecce. Dea, 2 New Patients Not Vaccinated In Intensive Care, Also A 33-Year-Old: “In Serious Condition”

PUGLIA – The number of hospitalized in Italy and also in the province of Lecce is increasing. In the past few hours, two unvaccinated patients from Lecce have been hospitalized, who are in serious condition. There are now 3 patients in the Lecce intensive care unit: the latest arrival is a 33-year-old Galatinese, who once fell ill with covid developed pneumonia. The other two guests are a 68-year-old patient and an elderly lady. “The last two hospitalized were not vaccinated – explains the director of intensive care of the Fazzi and the DEA, Giuseppe Clean – As happens in different parts of Italy, those who do not benefit from vaccine protection are more likely to end up in intensive care with breathing problems, especially if action is not taken quickly. The disease, in some cases, precipitates quickly and takes patients by surprise who at first might underestimate it, especially if there are comorbidities “.


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Today’s epidemiological bulletin, Wednesday, October 27, 2021, reports 265 new positives in the region (yesterday there were 278 new infected), 46 are registered in the province of Lecce (yesterday 37). With 21,417 (24,824 yesterday) tests performed, the positive index rises to 1.24% compared to 1.12% yesterday.
There are 4 deaths in Puglia: 3 people died yesterday.

Overall the hospitalized are 146 (yesterday 147),
while the currently positives rise from 2,447 to 2,538 (+91).
Of the 146 hospitalized, 128 (yesterday 129) are with symptoms, while 18 (yesterday 18) are in intensive care.


Province of Bari: 82

Bat Province: 12

Province of Brindisi: 16

Province of Foggia: 38

Province of Lecce: 46

Province of Taranto: 67

Residents outside the region: 2

Province in definition: 2

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