Ddl Zan, the Senate crushes the law thanks to the secret vote. At least 16 francs shooters revive the center-right. Zan: “Fault of those who chased the sovereign sirens”

The Senate, by secret ballot, voted in favor of “trap”Proposed by Lega and Fratelli d’Italia for the ddl Zan: that is, the examination of the text stops. In favor, 154 senators, 131 and vice versa e two abstentions. Present 288 senators. The vote, which took place by secret ballot, was welcomed by the applause of the hemicycle: when it was time to go to the count, in the secret of the urn, the “helpers” arrived at the center-right. Now for the law against homotransphobia, at the center of controversy and dozens of postponements, the path becomes really difficult. “Who for months, after the approval in the Chamber, has followed the sovereign sirens who wanted to bury the ddl Zan is responsible for today’s vote in the Senate. A political pact was betrayed that wanted the country to take a step towards civilization. The responsibilities are clear, ”the deputy dem deputy wrote on Twitter Alessandro Zan. Shortly before the vote, speaking at “L’aria che tira” up La7, He said: “If the trap passes, the law is dead“. And this is precisely the fate that the provision could meet: approved by the compact Giallorossi majority last November, with the arrival of Draghi to the government he was discharged by Italy alive who has decided to side with the right to ask for further changes. And, as demonstrated by today’s vote, between absences and snipers, passing the law seems an impossible challenge. A precedent dates back to last July 14: the request to suspend the examination of the text was rejected with the rejection of only one vote (136 against 135).

The numbers – Now we try to understand how the groups behaved in the secret of the urn. The center-right, which basically has about 135 senators, was able to count on the help of 19 senators. According to Pd sources, the center left had 16 votes less of those foreseen: the eyes are focused on the Renzians who a Madama Palace are 16 (but there were 4 absences). There were 288 senators present in the Chamber and 287 voters. From what is known to the individual groups so far, 2 senators of the League were absent out of the total of 64 and 3 were absent from Forza Italia compared to the total of 49. Niccolò Ghedini, Renato Schifani and Massimo Ferro. Per Brothers of Italyinstead, all 21 senators were present. In the Democratic Party they are counted 2 absences out of 38, 4 in the group of Italy live out of 16 and 2 among the benches of the M5s out of the total of 74. For the Autonomie group only one absence out of 8 senators, as well as for The alternative there is (ex M5s, which are today in the Mixed group): present 3 out of 4. Among those present at FI, there was a ‘certain’ dissent vote: it is that of Barbara Masini who explained in the Chamber: “My personal history and my conscience forced me to vote against the motion not to pass on the articles, also going against my reference group”. In July the senator, the protagonist of a coming out months earlier, had made a moving speech in the classroom saying that she was in favor of the Zan bill, albeit with some reservations.

The reactions: it ends everyone against everyone – The first to exult were the senators of the center-right: Lega, Fi and Fratelli d’Italia welcomed the announcement amid applause in the Chamber. The Senator of Carroccio celebrated Matteo Salvini: “Having defeated the arrogance of Letta and the 5 stars”, he declared, “they said no to all the mediation proposals, including those formulated by the Holy Father, associations and many families, and drowned the Zan bill. Now let’s start again from the League’s proposals ”. Too bad that, in fact, it will be impossible to restart and carry out a new law. Especially in the light of such irreconcilable positions. The one who used words almost identical to those of the League was Renziana Maria Elena Boschi: “The arrogance of Cinque Stelle and Pd produced an incredible defeat, not only for Parliament, which lost the opportunity to pass a civilization law, but for the many women and men who were waiting to be finally protected by aggression and discrimination “.

Bitterness and concern instead on the center-left front: the Democratic Party pushed to get a vote in the House and now, however, not everyone approves of the strategy. “They wanted to stop the future,” he wrote on Twitter Enrico Letta, “They wanted to bring Italy back. Yes, today they and their Inguacchi won in the Senate. But the country is somewhere else. And soon you will see. DdlZan “. And Giuseppe Conte also joined the line of the Pd leader: “We record a blank passage on a path of civilization and contrast to all forms of discrimination and violence for sexual orientation. Those who rejoice today in this sabotage should give an account to the country that on these issues it has already shown that it is ahead of the parliamentary halls ”. But one of the first M5s signatories is not so conciliatory: Alessandra Maiorino. “I’m new to the Senate, this is my first term and I find it all very strange. We let things be conducted by those who had more experience and credibility than us in the LGBT world, such as the Democratic Party, and this was the outcome. I’ll just record this. I am very embittered and I hope that politics will grow ”. But even within the Democratic Party there is no lack of bitterness: “We must ask for the resignation of those who managed this affair, in the group and in the Justice Commission”, he said Valeria Fedeli, Senator of the Democratic Party, leaving the Chamber visibly embittered. Shortly after, she was also joined by Un giorno da percora: she replied in tears and did not want to go further. “They think they have made a spite of the Democratic Party, they have made a disgrace to Italy. ddlzan ”, the head of the government delegation of the Democratic Party wrote on Twitter Andrea Orlando.

The controversy over the secret vote – To declare the secret vote admissible today, thus marking a decisive turning point in the path of the law, was the president Elisabetta Casellati. The decision was challenged by Luigi Zanda (Pd), Loredana De Petris (Leu) e Gianluca Perilli (M5s): according to the Giallorossi it was not justifiable to put the secret vote on a procedural request, but according to Casellati instead it was authorized by some precedents. Senator Grillino also protested from the benches Vincenzo Santangelo: “You are very rude, I warn you,” said the president. At that point the tones were raised and the choirs started: “Out, out”. The president then warned again Santangelo who, as far as we understand, would have made a “gesture” towards the chair of the president. At that point the declaration of vote began and on paper it seemed that a majority could be reached to block the trap: Fi, Fdi and Lega were in favor, while against Pd, Leu, M5s, Autonomies and Italy alive. Too bad, however, that, at the time of the vote, not everyone respected the indications.

Renzi absent after burying the law. Di Maio takes sides – The provision, which includes measures to prevent and combat discrimination and violence based on sex, gender or disability, was approved in the Chamber last November by the Giallorossi majority (including Italy alive and with 5 dissidents Be who voted in favor). The fall of the government count 2 he changed the cards on the table, leading the Renzians to side with the center-right and in fact condemning the law to a very difficult process. He is absent in the Chamber Matteo Renzi: the senator and leader of Italia viva, after withdrawing support for a provision that his parents supported and contributed to writing, today flies in Saudi Arabia to pay homage to the Saudi prince Bin Salman, considered by American intelligence as the instigator of the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi: he will participate in a panel of the FII Institute, the foundation on whose board of trustees he sits. After burying a law to broaden the protection of rights in Italy, Renzi goes to the country of al-Saud where, according to the latest Amnesty report, “the repression of the rights to freedom of expression, association and meeting”. Instead, he presented himself at Palazzo Madama Giuseppe Conte: President M5s, although not sitting in Parliament, is in the Senate for some meetings and to follow the proceedings of the Chamber. Just today, the Foreign Minister M5s took a stand today in defense of the law Luigi Di Maio: “The Zan bill is sacrosanct and should become law in a few minutes,” he told Radio Anch’io on Rai Radio1. “I think it takes great responsibility. This is a sacrosanct bill it should become law in a few minutes, but it has been discussed for months and months now. It is a country where there is still strong discrimination against homosexuals. This is not acceptable and we must obviously stiffen the regulatory mechanisms to prevent these discriminations, in some cases aggressions – we have seen it during this year, ignoble cases – from stopping ”.

The negotiations in recent days have failed because the center-right and the Renzians ask for the text to be distorted: they ask that hate crimes not be extended to discrimination on the basis ofgender identity and that the possibility of prevention in schools is removed. Lega, Fi, Fdi and Italy alive they ask to go back to the table and start the law process all over again: but even if it were, the positions remain too many irreconcilable for an agreement to be reached.

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