Bill Zan, in protest against the vote of FI Vito leaves office – Politics

Bill Zan, in protest against the vote of FI Vito leaves office – Politics
Bill Zan, in protest against the vote of FI Vito leaves office – Politics

Elio Vito, with a letter to the president of Fi Silvio Berlusconi, leaves his internal positions in the party after Forza Italia voted in the Senate in favor of the preliminary rulings on the Zan bill which blocked the process of the bill.
“Out of consistency with my convictions, which led me to vote in favor of the bill in the House, when despite the Group’s contrary position, the possibility of voting according to conscience was still guaranteed, I reluctantly resign the task you entrusted me with “. “Some time ago – writes Vito Berlusconi – you honored me with the appointment as head of the Defense and Security Department of FI. But on an issue that also concerns security (the news of recent months are full of episodes of violence against LGBT people) , FI has expressed its opposition, even in the few votes that have taken place so far; I am referring to the Zan bill, which contrasts its own hatred, discrimination and violence “.
Vito, having announced his resignation, in the letter insists that the Zan bill “does not in any way limit the freedom of expression and opinion, which are protected by the Constitution”. “Of course – observes the Fi parliamentarian – every law is perfectible and attempts to improve the text are always appreciable. But we have voted for a preliminary ruling and suspension, after months of obstruction in the Commission, to prevent examination”.
Finally, Elio Vito underlines that “the sacrosanct vindication of our pro-European vocation and of our belonging to the EPP, could be contradicted with the contrast we are demonstrating to the Zan bill, just as Ursula von der Leyen leads Europe against the anti-LGBT laws of Poland. and Hungary “.


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