Whale attacks Bitcoin – bought 105 BTC

Still whales, or as the Americans call them, whales. It was a complicated 24 hours for the price of Bitcoin, with signs of hope that come from huge investors – and in this specific case from third wallet for the total number of Bitcoins in the wallet.

An incredible purchase, from 105 Bitcoin in one fell swoop, happened through Coinbase and that throws a lifesaver to those who are getting caught, in our opinion without reason, by the anxiety of a day of domination of the bears.

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The third whale for held BTC adds 105

Purchases that mere mortals can only dream of, because we are talking about a value beyond that 6 million dollars in Bitcoin, an important sum for an individual, but still a very small thing compared to the volume of $ BTC transactions even within a few minutes.

However, what makes this very interesting is the main actor, and not just the volume. This amount of Bitcoin it was in fact purchased by third wallet in the world for quantity of $ BTC held, a portfolio that tends to make transactions, but in all crucial moments in the life of $ BTC and its price on the market.

The transfer came from a wallet which would lead to Coinbase, an exchange that has always been the most used for those who want to implement very significant transactions in terms of quantity and need the highest degree of security.

With this purchase, the total amount of Bitcoin held by this wallet – which originated in 2019, and of $ 106,459 BTC, for a total value of approximately 6 billion dollars. This figure is also very important, but not as much as the signal that was sent with this operation.

Whales ready to buy the dip

Bitcoin it is facing the classic corrective vicissitudes, which always or almost always occur after a bull run. Correction that today broke on the wall of the gods anyway 58.300$ to then resume a slight climb.

For the whales, however, it would be just noise – because in reality they are in several buying the dip – taking advantage of partial discounts that the market is putting on the silver platter for all those who want to take advantage of them.

A situation that we could also ride as children – if we were to believe (and this is the majority opinion among analysts) that in reality the one of the last 24 hours is only a small hiccup for Bitcoin.

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