Attempted ax murder of a couple in a parking lot on the Isolotto

In recent days, on charges of attempted murder, the state police have tracked down and arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan citizen, held responsible for a violent attack that took place on 3 October in via dell’Isolotto.

The victims, a boy and a girl in their early twenties, were with their car in a low-traffic road that runs along the Arno river, when a stranger, arrived on a bicycle with an ax in his hand, began to strike for no apparent reason.

The young people, who were miraculously unharmed by the man’s fury, managed to get away but not without their car paying the price: about 3000 euros in damage (IN PHOTO).

After the report of the fact in via Zara, the investigators of the Florentine digos immediately entered the scene, meticulously reconstructing all the movements of the person responsible for the reckless gesture.

So they sifted through every image of the city video surveillance in the area, also analyzing the phases prior to the attack in the parking lot in via dell’Isolotto.

Precisely in these videos (VIDEO), which precede the violent episode with ax blows, the investigators discovered that the same man had become the protagonist of another anomalous and unjustified attack against a group of boys who were passing on the catwalk pedestrian under the Viaduct of the Ponte all’Indiano.

In fact, around 3.05 am, the same man is clearly visible while, leaning against the railing of the pedestrian walkway, he initially kicks in the direction of a scooter passing by.

Shortly after, the same person attacks a group of young people literally stoning them.

In the following images the subject moves away on via dell’Isolotto towards Via dello Scalo and then returns by bicycle to the pedestrian walkway, heading towards the secluded couple holding an object very similar to an ax.

As a result of a close investigation, the digos was able to identify the person held responsible for the violent attack: the man was always traced to the Isolotto area.

The Moroccan citizen, also under investigation for carrying objects capable of offending and aggravated damage, now remains in prison after the validation of his detention by the judicial police.

At the moment the investigators exclude any fundamentalist matrix behind the reckless gesture of the arrested.

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