pass trap with secret ballot

pass trap with secret ballot
pass trap with secret ballot

In the Senate today the ‘trap’ on the Zan bill passed and the stop was triggered: there will be no examination of the articles of the provision. The result came after the secret ballot deemed admissible by President Elisabetta Casellati. 154 senators voted in favor, against 131, abstained 2. Immediately after the outcome of the vote in the Casellati classroom, the group leaders’ conference called.

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“Who for months, after the approval in the House, has followed the sovereign sirens who wanted to bury the Zan bill is responsible for today’s vote in the Senate. A political pact that wanted the country to take a step towards civilization has been betrayed. The responsibilities are clear “, said Alessandro Zan, the deputy Pd promoter and signatory of the provision, on twitter.

WHAT HAPPENED – “Two requests for a secret ballot have arrived, the president considers these two requests admissible, signed by Calderoli and La Russa, on the basis of the regulations and the precedents”, Casellati said this morning.

“I was only called to judge on the secret ballot which is a purely legal question, in fact I mentioned the regulation and the precedents that led me to grant the vote by secret ballot. I believe that my decision, although I believe it is legitimate to dispute why it is an interpretation that has solid legal foundations “, said Casellati, citing some precedents that authorized the presidency to grant secret voting.


pass trap secret ballot

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