Alarm in the EU, keys stolen to generate EU Green Pass – Software and App

Alarm in the EU, keys stolen to generate EU Green Pass – Software and App
Alarm in the EU, keys stolen to generate EU Green Pass – Software and App

Some keys that allow the generation of the European Green pass would have been stolen and with them programs to create fake certificates would have been published and disseminated online. It is learned from qualified Italian sources according to which it has already been decided to cancel all the passes generated with those keys. In addition, a series of meetings at European level between all the technical stakeholders involved would be scheduled in the morning for an in-depth analysis of the situation. It is not known at the moment the number of codes stolen or if the problem also concerns Italy, even if investigations are in progress.

The theft of the keys would not have occurred in Italy: according to what is learned, from the first investigations carried out, there would be no cyber attacks on Sogei, the Information technology company of the Ministry of Economy that provides the codes to generate the certificates for Italy greens.

The attack could therefore have targeted a counterpart in another European country. At the moment, however, the keys that have been stolen have been canceled and, consequently, all the green passes generated with those codes have been invalidated.

A pass in the name of Adolf Hitler, born on January 1, 1900: the false certificate, which was valid after a check with the ‘Verification C19’ app, has been circulating online since late yesterday evening and has been published on Twitter and on some specialized sites. According to the site ‘’, the story is brought to light by the user ” Reversbrain ‘who posted a series of tweets on Twitter around 10.30 pm yesterday: “I think the keys used to sign the Covid digital certificate The EU, at least in Italy, have leaked in some way “he wrote, inviting people to scan a QR code with the official Italian app. Code that was actually valid and, in fact, in the name of Adolf Hitler. “If the loss is confirmed – he added – it means that the fake UIe Covid certificate can be counterfeited by anyone”. The user then updated the thread this morning, after the news that actually keys were stolen to generate the passes, claiming that the certificate is no longer valid. According to the Zerozone website, the certificate was issued by ‘Cnam – Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie’, a French organization, on October 25, 2021. Another fake but valid QR code, still in the name of Adolf Hitler, born on January 1. of 1930, it would indicate instead the company ‘Janssen – Cilag international’ as producer of the vaccine administered, in Poland, by Centrum and Zdrowia. Everything seems to have been born from a discussion on ‘RaidForum’, a market on the web that has become a point of exchange of data leaks, writes Zerozone, where there are also those who hypothesized the possibility that the private key of the Polish government may also have been stolen .

“At a first analysis it seems that the private keys used to sign the green passes have been subtracted, a kind of stamp that is used to validate the documents. The solution would be an inversion of those keys that would invalidate all the passes generated, and their re-stamping” : he explains it to ANSA Stefano Zanero, professor of computer security and computer forensics at the Politecnico di Milano, about the manipulation of some fake green passes disseminated on the net. The expert adds that the QR Code could be manipulated in various ways, potentially even manually by an “unfaithful employee” during data entry, but in this case it would seem more like an alteration of the private cryptographic keys that allow you to generate green passes. valid. And, adds Zanero, “even if the cases at the moment concern France and Poland, we cannot know the extent of the phenomenon because each nation keeps its keys, nor the damage account because the keys could also have been stolen a few months ago”. The action finally says the expert, it seems of a demonstrative cut since the fake green passes are made out to Adolf Hitler “a character who is no longer alive and makes a fuss”.

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