Coronavirus and school in Piedmont: slight increase in outbreaks, quarantines are growing

Coronavirus and school in Piedmont: slight increase in outbreaks, quarantines are growing
Coronavirus and school in Piedmont: slight increase in outbreaks, quarantines are growing

TURIN. Situation contained, with a slight increase in outbreaks and quarantines. This is the summary of the monitoring conducted by the Region in the week from 18 to 24 October: we are talking about schools.
The outbreaks go from 17 to 21: 1 in the nursery (age 0-2 years), 2 in kindergartens (3-5 years), 9 in primary schools (6-10 years), 3 in 1st grade secondary schools (11 -13 years old), 6 in high school (14-18 years old). Subdivided on a provincial basis: 4 in the Alessandria area * (1 childhood, 3 elementary school), 2 in the Asti area * (1 nursery, 1 primary school), 1 in the Novara area (1 middle school) 6 Turin city (1 elementary, 1 middle school, 4 high schools), 8 Turin metropolitan city (1 kindergarten, 4 primary school, 1 middle school, 2 high schools). No outbreaks in the provinces of Biella, Cuneo, Vercelli and in the Vco.
The quarantene
Classes in quarantine increased from 127 last week to 185: 5 in nursery schools, 23 in kindergartens, 70 classes in primary schools, 44 classes in 1st grade secondary schools, 43 classes in high schools.
Divided on a provincial basis, there are 18 quarantined classes in Alessandria (1 nursery, 5 preschools, 9 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high schools), 8 in Asti (1 nursery school, 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school ), 2 in the Biellese * (1 childhood, 1 primary), 31 in the Cuneo area (1 nursery, 1 maternal, 10 primary, 8 middle school, 11 high school), 8 Novara (4 primary, 2 middle, 2 high school), 36 Turin city (2 nursery school, 6 childhood, 10 primary, 5 middle school, 13 high school), 80 Turin metropolitan city (10 childhood, 30 primary, 26 medium, 14 high school), 2 VCO (1 primary, 1 high school), 0 Vercelli.
The incidence
In school age, the highest incidence (i.e. the weekly increase of new Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants of the same age group) is recorded with 53.2 cases in the 11-13 age group, while 52.8 cases are in the 6-10 age group. years. On the other hand, there are 35.1 cases in the 14-18 age group, 33.4 cases in the 3-5 year group and 16.7 cases in the 0-2 year group.
Adherence to vaccination
As for vaccination, over 94.4% of the Piedmont school staff have given their support and of this 97% have already completed the vaccination cycle. The participation of students is also high which, to date, is 70.4%, out of a total population of 315,000 in the 12-19 age group. Of those who joined, more than 91% have already completed the vaccination cycle.
There are 353 elementary schools and about 14,400 young students who have joined the screening of the Region’s Safe School Plan: it provides a salivary test at school every 15 days on a voluntary basis. More than 500,000 salivary tests purchased from Piedmont for screening.

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