she gets out of the car and is overwhelmed by the fury of the water

After the tragic events in Scordia, there is a new victim in the Catania area due to the bad weather emergency. According to reports from some motorists in columns in Gravina di Catania in via Etnea at the crossroads for the San Paolo district, a man in his sixties (apparently originally from Pedara, based on the first rumors) would have tried to abandon his car after being hit by the “flood” of rainwater. However, he would later slip and end up under the same car. A third person who was with him tried to save him, but he did not succeed, risking the same fate. The firefighters and the rescuers of the Misericordia arrived on the spot, who ascertained the death after attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the spot. In short, it would be a scenario that is absolutely similar to the events of Scordia, which saw two spouses as protagonists.

Rescuers appeal to the Catania population to avoid other similar episodes: limit travel as much as possible and reach the upper floors if you reside in an area potentially subject to flooding. In the next few hours the weather conditions could worsen, with the probable formation of a Mediterranean cyclone already announced by experts.


car overwhelmed fury water

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