the Mediterranean hurricane arriving in Italy between Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October

Weather experts are launching the alert: more and more confirmations are arriving on the formation of a deep Mediterranean cyclone in the coming days, which could take on tropical characteristics becoming what in jargon is called “Medicane (from MEDIterranean HurriCANE, Mediterranean hurricane)”. What are we talking about? The “medicanes” are intense low pressure systems with a structure similar to tropical cyclones, characterized by an “eye of the cyclone” in the center, a cloudless area around which bands of convective cloudiness rotate, with storms and strong cyclonic winds. , therefore in our hemisphere counterclockwise. A fundamental characteristic, difficult to verify, is the presence of a central “warm heart”, as opposed to the normal low pressures of our latitudes which instead have a “cold heart”. As with tropical cyclones, the “medicanes” move on the sea and lose energy if they reach the mainland, accompanied by intense and dangerous phenomena in the form mostly of impetuous wind and torrential rains.

Medicane: the Mediterranean hurricane arriving in Italy between Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October

Edoardo Ferrara, meteorologist of, warns: “Unfortunately the alluvial bad weather of recent days in Sicily could be just an appetizer of a new and even more severe wave of bad weather that could hit the island between Thursday and Friday, when the cyclone would seem to land once it strengthened near Malta”. Storms and heavy rains are expected, in particular in Ragusa, Syracuse and Catania, with stormy winds, gusts from the east sometimes exceeding 70-80km / h and violent storm surges on the Ionian coasts with waves sometimes of over two-three meters. Calabria is also partly involved, primarily Reggio, but sometimes heavy rains could also affect the rest of the Ionian side, especially between Locride and Catanzaro. The rest of the South, on the other hand, should remain on the edge of the cyclonic action with more occasional rainfall, while Sardinia will find itself inserted in the depression channel that feeds the cyclone, with rains at times more consistent especially on the Cagliari area.

Weather conditions instead diametrically opposite to Centronord, where the weather will remain stable and mostly sunny at least until Friday 29 October inclusive. However, just over the weekend an Atlantic perturbation will approach which will lead to a progressive deterioration starting from the Northwest, where the first rains should arrive on Saturday. But it will most likely be in All Saints and in the following days that the most active part of the disturbance will reach the Centronord, bringing the classic diffuse autumn rains. Some setbacks will also reach the South, where in the meantime the Mediterranean cyclone will have gradually loosened its grip.


Mediterranean hurricane arriving Italy Thursday Friday October

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