Armored Rome for the G20, all closures and bans – Il Tempo

Armored Rome for the G20, all closures and bans – Il Tempo
Armored Rome for the G20, all closures and bans – Il Tempo

The summit of the Heads of State and Government of the countries belonging to the G20 is scheduled for Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October at the EUR. For this reason, a series of closures and parking bans are planned in the capital in conjunction with the red zone of the summit. Here are the closures in detail:

Red Zone: 10 square kilometers – La Nuvola (main event), Palazzo dei Congressi (press center).

No parking and closures:

viale Europa, between Colombo and viale Shakespeare;

side of the Colombo, between viale Europa and viale Asia;

viale Asia, between Colombo and viale Shakespeare;

viale Shakespeare, between viale Europa and viale Asia.

From 28 October parking bans in via Ciro Il Grande.

From 7pm on 29 October:

parking and stopping bans, closures to public and private traffic and limitations to pedestrian transit.

Closure of the central carriageways of the Colombo (in both directions) in the section between via Laurentina and viale dell’Umanesimo;

Side lane closure towards Gra, from the junction for the Sheraton in Viale America.

Closure of the Magliana viaduct junctions in the direction of Gra;

Closure of Viale dell’Artigianato; Viale dell’Industria; avenue of Agriculture; viale della Civiltà del Lavoro (from viale Beethoven to Colombo); viale Europa and viale America (both from viale Beethoven to Colombo); viale dell’Arte (from viale dell’Aeronautica to viale della Musica); viale Africa (from viale dell’Arte to Colombo).

Moving bus terminus from piazzale dell’Agricoltura to piazzale Sturzo) and viale America and piazza della Stazione Enrico Fermi (to piazzale Nervi)

Saturday and Sunday 30 October suspension of metro B stops of Eur Magliana, Eur Palasport, Eur Fermi and Laurentina.

Collateral events (until the conclusion of the summit):

Parioli: parking and stopping bans between viale Rossini, via Aldrovandi, via delle Tre Madonne, via Bertoloni, via Mercadante, via Pinciana, via Paisiello, largo Asioli, piazzale Ferdowsi, via Omero, via Valmichi, piazzale Brasile, piazzale Paolina Borghese and via Emilio de Cavalieri.

Closing of the cycle path of viale Rossini, between via Bertoloni and via Ulisse Aldrovandi.

Vatican: possible closures to traffic and parking at the Auditorium in via della Conciliazione.

Quirinale: possible closures to traffic and parking.

Saturday 30 October possible closures to traffic and parking in piazza della Repubblica, via Cernaia, via Volturno, via delle Terme di Diocleziano, piazza dei Cinquecento;

Sunday 31 October possible traffic closures and parking in piazza Barberini, via del Tritone, via del Corso and neighboring streets to the Trevi Fountain.

From 1pm on Saturday 30 October Repubblica metro stop closes and access to the Termini metro stop in Piazza dei Cinquecento is closed and underground accesses to the Roma Termini train station from Piazza dei Cinquecento are closed and parking areas are prohibited.

Saturday 30 October parking bans in via della Stazione Vaticana and in via di San Gregorio (towards Porta Capena) and temporary closures to traffic on via Aurelia Antica, between via di Villa Betania and via delle Fornaci.


Friday: flash mob from 10 to 11.30, in Piazza Vittorio (Peoples’ Vaccine Alliance activists).


Parade from the Pyramid (3 pm) to Piazza Bocca della Verita organized by Fridays For Future. Cobas unions will also participate

Sit-in in Piazza San Giovanni (2.30 pm) of the Communist Refoundation

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