The bill on equal pay between men and women is law. Each company over 50 employees will have to publish a biennial report

Final go-ahead of the Senate to the Bill for the equal opportunities between men and women at work. The norm on wage equality was in fact approved unanimously by the Labor Commission of Palazzo Madama without changes with respect to the text accepted by the Chamber just two weeks earlier. The amendments to the Equal Opportunities Code promoted by the deputies of the Democratic Party Chiara Gribaudo e Valeria Fedeli with the intent to counter the phenomenon of gender pay gap. Among the main innovations, not only hiring incentives of female personnel e tax relief up to 50 thousand euros for those who adopt policies useful for reconciling the life and work times of female workers, but also the introduction of a two-year certification mandatory in which the contractual conditions of the employees are indicated. This document must be drawn up by all companies with more than 50 employees and will serve on the one hand to reward the virtuous realities that are committed to reduce the gender gap, on the other hand, for to punish with a sanction whoever declares the falsehood.

“With today’s definitive go-ahead, our country accomplishes a step of fundamental importance towards the complete overcoming of gender inequalities, the increase in female employment, the assumption of the principle of sharing opportunities and responsibilities at work and in the family “, said Gribaudo e Faithful. The two speakers then added: “It is not common for the approval of a bill to take less than 15 days to pass from one Chamber to another. And the fact that this happened precisely with this measure demonstrates the urgency and concreteness that the current Parliament wanted to recognize at the intersection between the two fundamental axes forexit from the pandemic crisis and for the growth of the country: work and gender equality “. “Without de facto equality between women and men, there can be no economic recovery or sustainable and innovative development”, concluded the deputies.

The cornerstone of the measure is represented, in fact, by the so-called “certification of gender equality“: This is a public document in which every company with over 50 employees will have to report on a biennial basis various indicators on its personnel policies, from wages and positions to leave and recruitment. The list of companies that will transmit the report, and that of those who do not transmit it, will be made public with the provision of fines of up to 5 thousand euros for failure or fallacious communication of data. However, it remains to be seen whether this deterrent will be enough to discourage entrepreneurs from continuing the bad practices seen so far.

“The bill on equal pay has been definitively approved in the Senate. Thanks to the commitment and acceleration imposed by 5 Star Movement, our country is equipped with one shield against discrimination between men and women in the workplace ”, comments the president of M5S on Facebook Giuseppe Conte, which has strongly supported the measure from the outset. “This is a step that strengthens our democracy and the conviction that the achievements of social and civil rights must travel quickly, hand in hand”. The former premier adds: “At work, the M5S will never take a step backwards: now forward on minimum salary e tax wedge cut to increase the paychecks of Italians, come on on policies active to strengthen the work placement mechanisms “.

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