Arezzo, fire in the goldsmith company. The mayor’s alarm: “Do not use the waters of the Chiana. Risk of cyanide contamination”

“Do not use the water of the Channel of the Chiana. It could be contaminated with cyanide”. This is the recommendation of the mayor of Arezzo, Alessandro Ghinelli, after the fire that destroyed part of the company Formelli. At the moment the quenching and tempering of the area – in the southern outskirts of the city – where the company was located goldsmith. During the night the firefighters managed to extinguish, along with the flames, also the column of black smoke released from the stake. “The risk of air pollution it has diluted and is almost finished – explained the mayor – but that remains water“.

The fire broke out in the afternoon of 25 October due to a short circuit electrical system, according to the owners. The goldsmith company, specialized in electroplating, has suffered numerous damages. Four employees have remained intoxicated from the fumes, but their condition is rapidly improving. For now it is considered premature – the authorities and the owners know – any speech related to the reopening of the company.

After the initial alarm, it no longer worries the dust – harmful if breathed in – diffused into the air by smoke. There Civil protection and some specialized firms instead they are at work to reclaim water and sewers. Samples taken by technicians of the Arpat confirm that the situation is returning to normal. However, the warning remains: “Two containment dams have been built, the first to break the flow of waste water of the sewer, which then goes towards the main channel of the Chiana, and that they certainly contained cyanide”Said Ghinelli again. In the early stages of the stake, the toxic substance – used for gold processing – almost certainly reached the watercourse, through the sewer system. Therefore “the most important recommendation remains that of do not use its waters “

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