“The worst in the field? The referee”

“The worst in the field? The referee”
“The worst in the field? The referee”

At the end of the race between Venice and Salernitana, which saw the victory of the guests in comeback, the lagoon technician Paolo Zanetti spoke to DAZN microphones. The coach appeared furious at the referee’s decisions, who sent Ampadu off with a straight red; right away Zanetti’s words after Venice-Salernitana.

Venice-Salernitana, the words of Zanetti

These Zanetti’s words after Venice-Salernitana: “Very good first half, we scored a beautiful goal. We were managing well and containing our opponents well, but unfortunately we had a referee who was the worst on the pitch ever and conditioned the game.“.

On the expulsion of Ampadu

On the expulsion of Ampadu: “The problem is that he also went to see it again. The referee was recalled to the VAR, on the bench we had a thousand mobile phones to review the situation. Even the first admonition to Ampadu was absurd, for a falletto. These episodes affect the game. We will certainly be scarce and we will struggle to stay in Serie A, but we would like to go down with our strength“.


worst field referee

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