Rare coins: watch out for the old Liras they are worth 13 thousand euros!

Dear old Liras are more than a hidden treasure. Having rare coins in your house is like winning the lotto! Just imagine or, just assume that with that single piece of the old Lire che forgot, neglected, ignored in the darkest corners of baskets or discarded boxes in the basement you could buy a car.

You did not count the enthusiasts and collectors who roam the best sites, on the net or on social networks to grab a piece of the old Lire that cannot be found from exclusive features. In this article we will not only talk about the priceless sentimental value connected to the old rare coins, but above all, the sums of money that can be earned by exchanging a single copy of old Lire.

Of course not all that glitters is gold, what does that mean? Rare coins, in order to be novelized as such, must fall within specific canons, referring to the state of conservation, the year of minting, the presence or absence of evident signs of wear, such as to affect the brilliance of the old Lire.

The high state of wear greatly affects the monetary economic evaluation. Although rare coins can be ranked first in the ranking of those most sought after by collectors, lin the presence of lines, stains, presence of rust (oxidized), in these cases they are almost depreciated acquiring un marginal economic value at times irrelevant.

If you are driven by the will of try your hand at a profitable investment, but most of all, Safe do not dwell on the summary purchase of rare coins. In this circumstance the saying also applies, “the eye wants its part”, That’s why you should orient purchase on uncirculated pieces FDC, or again, those referring to the splendid initials in SPL, also the beautiful value BB may surprise you in the ratings.

You should reserve particular caution forl degree of rarity of rare coins as explained by Rare Coins, taking into account that the most valuable are classified with un index R5 (almost impossible to find), and then rise to a rarity index set in R4, R3, R2 e R. Indices to be taken into consideration to obtain the maximum profitable value in the exchange of the old lire in euro.

Rare coins: the crazy economic value of the 500 silver lire

A small premise must be made, Lire pieces are classified as rare coins both attributable to the classical age of history and more datesi, as well as recent so to speak. Particular relevance in the listing acquires the minting error or, even at the first ones forged prints for “proof” in which this wording is present, as well as the limited edition oi commemorative pieces, i.e. collectible and so on.

Thus that piece of old Lire minted in millions of pieces or hundreds of thousands has found a wide circulation, they become for that little detail contained in the word “error” un unique collector’s item, desired, sought after quoted economically good money.

As for the 500 Lire forged in silver material dating back to the best years of the Italian Republic, even in this particular circumstance, the difference in the euro exchange rate is given by thethe minting error.

What does it mean? The 500 Lire in silver it was minted by the Mint of Rome in the year 1957. The peculiarity of this particularly valuable piece of rare coins is given by the silver material, but above all, themisprint that shows a “different face of history”.

The 500 Lire with silver material presents a singular representation of the three caravels. Let’s talk about the Nina, the Pina and the Santa Maria assigned in 1492 to Christopher Columbus to conquer the American continent.

In the representation of the 500 Lire silver coins on the top of the trees arranged on every single boat we find the figure that takes us back to three dovetail flags. It is necessary to pay close attention to this representation, since in rare coins the detail that makes these specimens extremely precious is given by theImage in which these flags have been placed arranged against the wind, ie aft, which represents the back of the boat.

The dynamics appear simple, the wind-powered boats travel pushed by the action exerted by the wind in this representation appear in navigation but upwind. For this reason, the Mint subsequently intervened modifying this small detail, orindeed by adding “corrections” in subsequent reproductions. A reflection that led to placing the flags on top of the three caravels with the trees placed in the direction bow of boats.

In this little parenthesis, it must be said that not all experts then agreed with the latter correction. In that, many believe that that representation could be related to “upwind” navigation, which would allow sailing against the wind, or with the wind not coming from the stern. This concept it would allow to frame the first representation of the 500 Lire in silver as trusted. In any case, a new reproduction was made from the corrections indicated above on the 500 Lire in silver. A not insignificant detail if we consider that the year of minting and the error correct ones make the difference in terms of exchange in euros, or rather, of auction sales.

We recommend watching the YouTube video of Passione Coins on Lire that are worth a fortune.

Rare coins: how much could the 500 silver lire be worth with the three caravels with flags “aft”?

Beyond the question of whether it is a mistake or a dispute on the representation of the sails against the wind the fact remains that the 500 Lire silver bearing this effigy can reach a economic value of approximately 13 thousand euros. If it is present in fjords minting and always if it falls within the characteristics explained in the initial paragraph.

It is vice versa 500 Lire in silver pif there are obvious signs of wear, it could be worth approximately five thousand euros. Quotes that depend on the rarity index, as well as on the particular historical interest.

Rare coins: the extraordinary value of the 10 Lire Pegasus

Another unique piece of extremely valuable in economic terms is the 10 Read Pegaso. A particular reproduction produced by Mint in 1947.

Also in this case thepivotal element which strongly affects the listing value is linked to the irarity index. To tell the truth, it is not a question of identifying theerror that pays off in economic terms, but in the particularity of the effigy on the back of the coin.

The representation of the winged horse Pegasus it was reproduced with a different analogy in the illustration of the clogs, the same circumstance is reported on the date of printing. In other words, both the figure of the hooves of the winged horse both the wording of the year “1947” show un’illustration reduced in comparison with other specimensi of the same currency.

A trivial if not negligible very small difference that acquires a particular value at the auction. It is possible that one piece of 10 Lire Pegasus in FDC can reach an economic price of about 4.500 euro. If there are details signs of wear the bar of economic value is pointing down. However, it is important to underline that overall it maintains excellent profit margins, in fact it is possible that it reaches an even higher value. of about 3,500 euros.

Rare coins: the extraordinary value of the 100 Lire Minerva

One of the most readily available coins is the 100 Lire Minerva, however the vast circulation of this specimen does not affect the great value. We are talking about 20 years of sentimental value, of good memories linked both to the 100 Lire and to the warm memory of aprosperous era from many points of view.

In any case, what really interests us is to find out how much a single piece of 100 Lire Minerva could be quoted, especially considering that we are talking about a particularly widespread currency. Basically, we are always looking for rare coins of pieces of the Lira both attributable toclassical age of history than the older ones, as well as recent ones to be clear.

Particular relevance in the listing acquires the minting error or, still at the first forged prints to try” in which this wording is present, as well as the limited edition or the commemorative pieces, i.e. collectibles and so on.

Now, in order for you to get a broad profit margin is required that the year of minting dates back to 1954. This is because in that year the Mint minted 100 Lire Minerva coins in proof format, bearing the entire initials of the experiment, or “trial”.

A not insignificant detail, especially if we consider that a only piece of 100 Lire Minerva in Brilliant Uncirculated. If you have only one specimen in perfect condition, know that it could reach an auction quota of around three thousand euros. If, on the other hand, there are particular signs of wear, the value decreases while maintaining a decent profit margin, in fact in these cases the rare coins can be worth approximately 350 euro.

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