Battlefield 2042: For the first time ever, the shooter will have a non-binary character

One of the most intriguing features of the new Battlefield 2042 coincides with the Specialist system: each soldier in the game with unique features and equipment, as well as having a specific narrative background. In the case of Emma ‘Sundance’ Rosier, the aspect that seems to have aroused the most interest concerns her gender identity:

Rosier in fact the first non-binary character in the Battlefield series. Not at all a novelty for the world of video games, nor for an Electronic Arts title, but the developers wanted to confirm this detail.

Sundance the first non-binary Battlefield character

As reported on Twitter, the neutral pronoun ‘they’ (‘they’/’them’, in English), which led a fan of the game to wonder if Emma Rosier’s character identifies as non-binary. The definitive answer therefore comes from Adam Freeman, community manager di Electronic Arts: “S, Sundance non-binary”.

Sundance is one of the ten Battlefield 2042 Specialists and, as such, boasts a unique loadout. In the case of Emma Rosier, the players who play her will have at their disposal a wingsuit, very useful for quickly reaching the objectives on the map by parachuting from a height and gliding to the designated place. Also, Sundance has it bundled a particular explosive gadget which can be thrown at vehicles in an attempt to destroy them.

Just like Bloodhound from Apex Legends, the only information relating to Sundance’s gender identity comes from his bio and is not hinted at in the other official materials of the game. As PC Gamer’s Tyler Colp points out, EA does nothing to further highlight this character trait, unlike what Ubisoft did for Anja ‘Osa’ Jankovic, most blatantly presented as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s first transgender operator. .

In all likelihood, Battlefield 2042 players won’t be asking too many questions about Sundance’s gender identity or appearance, but for the world of shooters – and, more generally, triple-A video games – it’s all about a small step towards greater diversification of playable characters. Now, many other Battlefield players will be able to identify with one of the various alter egos available in the ambitious first-person shooter.

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