New for Adobe Photoshop: automatic subject selection and incredible neural filters

Adobe MAX the event with which the US software house presents a good part of its innovations, in particular those related to its own Creative Suite, a group of programs dedicated to content creation and tophoto, audio and video editing.

Automatic selection of subjects

Among the innovations just launched we present a roundup of the most important, starting from Photoshop. In the photo editing program par excellence, the selection tools have always been crucial and today Adobe presents an interesting novelty in this area: now by simply clicking with the mouse on a subject this is selected and can be removed or modified. No more hand-made outlines or wand battles, the system should now be able to recognize the different subjects within an image and create precise selections. Of course, being a very recently introduced function, not yet completely precise on every subject, but Adobe guarantees that, thanks to the sistema di machine learning Sense AI, the improvements will be constant.

The same selection system can also be used to apply complex masks with just one click, with the command ‘Mask all objects‘. Again, the new tool should greatly speed up the workflow and make everything easier.

Three new Neural Filters

Neural Filter Mixer Landscapes

They had aroused great interest at their launch i Neural Filters, today Adobe adds three new ones, which respond to different needs. Landscape Mixer it allows you to transform a landscape by applying attributes of another panorama to the image: for example, you can take a photo taken in the middle of the day and transform it into a sunset, or even make a summer landscape winter. Similar also the filter Color Transfer, which allows you to apply a color palette from one image to another in one click.

Neural Color Transfer Filter

The Harmonization filter allows, as the name implies, to homogenize the style between two images, perhaps very different, placed on different levels, making it much easier to change the background of a photograph or to replace the sky.

Neural Filter Mixer Landscapes

The new filters are in Beta, but they already show interesting potential; can still be seen some mistakes (in the photo of the camper you can see how the caravan with veranda on the right has been transformed into a house), but the overall effect is really effective, considering that it only costs one click of work.

Among the filters introduced previously and already consolidated, we find further improvements to the filter Deep Blur, which allows to simulate the use of high aperture optics even in images with high depth of field.

Filters are also getting improvements Superzoom, Style Transfer e Color. It gradient tool receives an update and now offers three different types: classic, perceptual and linear.

You know how to dedicate a Apple

Adobe also adds the support for Apple’s Pro XDR displays and allows you to take advantage, for example, of the new Macbook Pro 16 “and 14” to make the most of rich colors and deep blacks. Also on HDR displays Photoshop will now be displayed with the correct parameters upon connection.

Among the important innovations is the possibility of fully exploiting Adobe Camera RAW also in Photoshop on iPad, both for the development of ProRAW files of images taken with the iPhone, and to develop all the RAW formats of the different manufacturers currently read by the desktop version. The iPad also comes with the ability to convert layers into Advanced Objects, for non-destructive editing, and to use the Dodge and Burn functions with the same options as the desktop versions.

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