Icardi’s full letter to Wanda Nara who avoided divorce

Argentine media revealed the letter written by Mauro Icardi per Wanda Nara, a letter that would have been decisive to bring back the love between the two. It was over now, she had insisted on a divorce and the footballer had signed everything, but he had not resigned himself to losing her for “a stupid mistake”. The sincere words and apology would have moved Wanda to the point of pushing her to pardon.

Mauro Icardi’s letter to Wanda Nara

“Once again I have shown you that I am telling the truth. I never lied to you or made up anything, I just made a stupid mistake. You too are making a big mistake and don’t realize it. All you want is a divorce. I am a good person and I have given myself completely to you. You know it and everyone knows it. I am a great father and a great stepfather, I give my life for my children, to make them happy. I am all of this and no one needs to say it. It is enough that I know. As a result of all this I tell you that I can’t carry on with your mistreatment, your belittling me, your taking the piss out of me like you always do. All this and much more. I’m not a shit and I don’t deserve it. I hope that, with all material things, you will be happy. This is already in your power. Now you want to fuck around, you want to write to other men … I hope the next player is 1% of what I was with you. You screwed it up for a shit chat that meant nothing to me. You’re blind and can’t see beyond the phone. Just mind the bullshit and send stuff to the press. I never expected that from you, but I’m a realist and I know people change. Thanks for all that we have been. Thank you for the two daughters you gave me. Thank you for giving me the support I needed and sorry for being the shit I was and losing everything due to a mistake. I hope you are happy, you deserve it, and if not by my side, I hope you find a place to be happy“.

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Wanda Nara and the social kiss with Icardi


Icardis full letter Wanda Nara avoided divorce

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