Intesa Sanpaolo: dividend is a strong point. How far will it go up

New closing on the rise for Intesa Sanpaolo which also gained ground today, rising for the third consecutive day.

Intesa Sanpaolo goes up for the third session in a row

The stock, after closing trading yesterday with a three-quarter point lead, today pushed forward again, managing to do slightly better than the Ftse Mib and scoring the second best performance in the banking sector.

At the end of the day, Intesa Sanpaolo stopped at € 2.4815, with an increase of 0.75% and over 67 million shares changed hands, against the average of the last 30 days of approximately 87 million.

Intesa Sanpaolo snubs the tensions of Spread and BTP

Like the other banks, Intesa Sanpaolo was not affected by the negative indications coming from the macro front, where the tensions already manifested yesterday continue to persist.

The BTP-Bund spread at the end of the day was photographed at 110.3 basis points, not far from the intraday tops, with a 3.18% rally.
Sales on BTPs which saw the 10-year yield rise 1.95% to 0.993%.

Intesa Sanpaolo: SG revises targets and estimates

Meanwhile, Intesa Sanpaolo today found some support in the indications received from Societè Generale which, on the one hand, confirmed the “hold” recommendation and on the other hand revised the target price upwards from 2.45 to 2.6 euros.

Analysts have handled eps estimates which have been raised by 8.8% for this year, by 1.2% for the next and by 2.6% for 2023, to take into account the acceleration of the recovery. of the Italian economy.

In the meantime, Societè Generale looks at the third quarter accounts that will be released by Intesa Sanpaolo on November 3, anticipating that they will be a non-event.

The analysts’ idea is that the main catalysts for the stock will be the 2022-2025 master plan coming next February and the M&A theme in the wealth management sector.

Intesa Sanpaolo: for Barclays it can go up to 3.1 euros

Barclays bets decisively on Intesa Sanpaolo, which just yesterday reiterated its bullish strategy, with an “overweight” recommendation and a target price raised from 2.8 to 3.1 euros, a value that implies an upside potential of around 25% compared to the current prices on Piazza Affari.

Intesa Sanpaolo remains the most interesting bank stock for analysts to focus on in Piazza Affari.

Intesa Sanpaolo: dividend richer than other banks. Here because

Barclays analysts argue that with the next business plan, Intesa Sanpaolo will be able to close the gap relating to the return of tangible equity below the cost of capital, with ad hoc actions to increase commissions, cut costs and further optimize capital levels. .

Barclays thinks this can be a powerful factor in increasing confidence in the sustainability of its dividend policy.

Speaking of the two big names in the sector in Piazza Affari, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo, Barclays’ experts in the medium term prefer the latter.

This is because of its strong current and prospective Rote: according to analysts these are competitive advantages that allow for richer returns.

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Intesa Sanpaolo dividend strong point

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