Draghi: «Italy has forgotten about young people for years. But now I am at the center of government action »- The video

Young people? Forget about this country for years. But now the wind has changed. Prime Minister Mario Draghi assures this. “In recent months, every time I have had the opportunity to meet young people, I have been struck by their idealism, their skills, their dedication”, says the Prime Minister on a visit to the “Antonio Cuccovillo” Higher Technical Institute in Bari. . «I think of the young diplomats who accompanied me during my visit to Tripoli. To the doctors and nurses I met in Bergamo and at the vaccination center in Fiumicino. To the sports champions that I had the pleasure of receiving at Palazzo Chigi. But I also think of the many who write to me, to tell about their fears and ambitions. With all of them, with all of you, I want to make a commitment. After years in which Italy has often forgotten its girls and boys, know that your aspirations, your expectations, are today at the center of the government’s action ”, assures the premier. Draghi also added that investing in schools is now essential: “Investing in school is a civil duty and an act of social justice. You young people have the task of transforming Italy. Our job is to put you in a position to do it in the best possible way. Yours is to start imagining the country you want to live in. Get ready to build it, with passion, determination and – why not – a pinch of recklessness ».

Video Palazzo Chigi / Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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Draghi Italy forgotten young people years center government action video

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