The scream of Michela Terranova, champion of Italy stronger than the difficulties

The scream of Michela Terranova, champion of Italy stronger than the difficulties
The scream of Michela Terranova, champion of Italy stronger than the difficulties

Island and isolated. After the bronze conquered by the Europeans from Riga, in Latvia, highlighted via social media the great difficulties he experiences in managing training, due to the lack of suitable facilities. It was August 20 and the immediate appeal of the president of the regional committee followed Fijlkam, Antonio Bracciante, addressed to the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca. Since Michela Terranova, athlete of the asd Ischia Judo it did not stop, it did not give up, it multiplied its efforts.

“We come from an island, our results are worth double and, although we are isolated, the only person who has opened the doors to support us is the teacher Gianni Maddaloni». Scampia safe harbor, other than that Gomorrah. From the sea to the mainland. Kilometers and distance, waits and time for travel. «When I go to Naples it takes 2 hours by ferry and half an hour by subway to get to the Star Judo Club“. Fortunately, the scenario has changed for the better. “Finally the mayor Enzo Ferrandino has made available to us a much larger and more welcoming communal space, where we have our dojo. When I train ad Ischia, the gym is a few kilometers from my house ».

Discomfort aside, Michela overcame obstacles and opponents on the mat and in the 52 kg category she was awarded the title of champion of Italy. A welcome confirmation: already on the top step of the podium at PalaPellicone in 2019 and Italian vice-champion the previous year always ad Ostia. Five matches played and the final won against Giulia Carnà (Virtue Judo), vice world champion. «I faced the competition very calmly and confidently, aware of having worked a lot in the last period», says the judoka born in 2005. «I was very concentrated and I really wanted to win. I am happy with this result, now we are aiming for something else », he explains.

«I dedicate the victory to my family, and I thank my father Rosario, my brother Rocco and the teacher Gianni Maddaloni, who have helped me in my training and competition path both at international and national level ». 2021 is a year full of triumphs, without forgetting the bronze achieved in Porec (on June 19 in Croatia) and the silver won a Bucharest (on July 17 in Romania) all’European Cup.

Michela will try to repeat the unmistakable scream on the tatami. «It is my ara, energy that comes from my soul. And also a sense of liberation from the tension of the race », he concludes. Everything went well. In the 63 kg category it celebrates silver Serena Maddaloni (Star Judo Club), preceded only by Sara Corbo, putting behind Stefania Pede e Giorgia Sibilla, both ofAkiyama Settimo.

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