in the chamber no sign of a struggle

Tomorrow, Wednesday 27 October, an autopsy will be carried out on the bodies of the two girls aged 3 and 11, found lifeless this morning in their room at the San Pancrazio Hospital in Verona, and whose mother is suspected of murder. , of Sinhalese origin, disappeared since this morning. On his trail the State Police.

In their room no signs of struggle or scuffle were found, everything was in order, and this suggests that the two little girls were killed in their sleep. The mother and the two girls were in that family home following an expulsion order from the family home decided by the Juvenile Court of Venice. To date, social workers had not detected any signs of a possible unease of the mother that could foreshadow the tragedy of this morning.

Verona, kills his daughters and runs away

The crime took place this morning in a reception house in Verona. According to an initial reconstruction, the Sinhalese woman killed her two daughters aged three and eleven and then disappeared into thin air, leaving no clue as to the reasons that led her to commit the insane act. Another guest gave the alarm: the mother and the little ones were in the structure, managed by the Municipality of Verona, following a provision of the judicial authority.

During the day, the searches of the State Police went on relentlessly, but the woman of Sinhalese origins who fled after the murder of her daughters seems to have vanished into thin air. The police have activated the civil protection protocol to search for missing persons with the use of search dogs and a helicopter for patrolling the territory from above.


chamber sign struggle

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