“Now domestic violence and short skirts?” – Free Daily

“Now domestic violence and short skirts?” – Free Daily
“Now domestic violence and short skirts?” – Free Daily

The divorce alarm for Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi has already returned. The showgirl herself made it known on social media. And so the marriage, which now seemed compromised by the betrayal of the PSG attacker, is safe. “Having it all I have nothing if I’m not with him. I am sure that this bad moment we are going through will strengthen us as a couple and as a family “, Nara said. She then added:” With our souls tired of crying, we have chosen freely again. I love you Mauro Icardi. “The post was also shared by the player on his Instagram profile.

This nice happy ending, however, did not completely convince Wild Lucarelli, who in fact wrote on social media: “Perfect. After two weeks of drama in which no one believed, with epithets addressed only to his lover and not to him, Wanda Nara writes the last page of the manual “Diseducational messages for dummies (stupid)”.

According to the journalist, in fact, the message that Wanda would have passed on is completely wrong: “He announced peace like this: ‘I have nothing if I am not with him’. And of course. We are nothing, outside the couple. Now I wait, that i know the praise of domestic violence and then ‘yes Mauro is a bit lively, but so are you, with those short skirts…’ ”.

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