Vaccines, the third dose for over 60 and frail in Lombardy is underway

Vaccines, the third dose for over 60 and frail in Lombardy is underway
Vaccines, the third dose for over 60 and frail in Lombardy is underway

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From tomorrow, Wednesday 27 October, the Lombard citizens over 60 and adults with high fragility will be able to book the third dose on the dedicated portal or through the free call center 800.894.545.

It should be remembered that the so-called “booster dose” can only be administered if they are after at least six months from the completion of the primary vaccination course.

«Protecting oneself with the third dose of vaccine – explains the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti – is very important especially for the most fragile subjects. After receiving the first and second doses of the vaccine, the third is needed to continue to be protected. The data, in fact, show that the booster dose, administered at least six months after the conclusion of the primary cycle, increases protection while this, over time, tends to decrease ».

To find out if you fall into the category of fragile people it is possible to consult, through the portal of the Lombardy Region, the table of the Ministry of Health which reports the concomitant / pre-existing conditions of high fragility for which indications have been provided regarding the administration of the booster dose. For doubts or insights, the general practitioner or specialist are always the main references to contact.

To protect patients in hospitals and health facilities, as well as in RSA, Vice President Moratti has also renewed theinvitation to the administration of the booster dose to all those who exercise the health professions and health professionals and non-health workers who work in public and private health, social and social welfare structures, pharmacies, parapharmacies and professional offices.

In this phase of the vaccination campaign, the Lombardy Centers are offering the co-administration of the anti-Covid and influenza vaccine to citizens over 65 and to subjects with high frailty who book on the Lombardy Region portal for the administration of the booster dose.

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Vaccines dose frail Lombardy underway

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